Everything Better

The nature of your existence is defined by your personal energy value since everything that is perceived through thought must be of an energy value that matches your own. This phenomenon is due to the manner in which vibrations interact with one another in that if you were to interact with a vibration that differs from your own, your vibration would then average with that vibration and thus start to match its unique frequency.

This effect leads to your vibration always matching the vibration of your surroundings. It is in this way that your thoughts may be used as an indication of the nature of your surroundings since a thought may only be of a vibration that matches your surroundings to some degree. Therefore, if you find yourself thinking a particular thought, you are only thinking that thought due to your having personally become harmonized with its unique vibration and thus so must your reality also be harmonized with it.

Additionally, if you ever find yourself thinking a particular thought, your vibration must then be in the process of becoming a better match to its unique vibrational frequency due to your interacting with its vibration more extensively. It is the result of both these effects that allows for the drastic improvement of your life experience through the deliberate selection of your thoughts. By choosing a thought of a particularly extreme degree of desirability, you are thereby interacting with a vibration that is exceptionally desirable which in turn will make your personal vibration increasingly more desirable.

Furthermore, such interactions indicate that your vibration has already become harmonized with that particular vibration to a certain degree since that vibration could only be present within your reality due to your already being harmonized with it. For this reason, the thinking of a particularly desirable thought can actually make every aspect of your life better since the desirability of everything in your life is always equal to the desirability of your vibration.

Therefore, as you improve your vibration by interacting with the vibration of a particularly desirable thought, the desirability of every aspect of your life must also be improved to the degree that thought is given your attention. Perfect harmonization with such a thought may be achieved by making it your average thought. Once such a thought becomes your average thought, your vibration will then be extensively harmonized with its own and thus the desirability of every aspect of your life experience must then perfectly match the desirability of that thought. And it is for this reason that the thought you choose to manifest in your life should be as desirable as possible since every aspect of your life will ultimately equal that thought in desirability. Thus, the more desirable is the thought you choose to think in any given moment, the more desirable will be the life experience that is created as a result.