Where Does It Lead?

Every thought is leading you to another thought of a like nature. Therefore, in your thinking of any thought, you should be asking yourself where that thought is leading you. Since every thought leads to a like-natured thought, you are being led to a future in which you will be thinking a nearly identical thought in each moment. Thus, the more desirable is the thought you are thinking now, the more desirable will be the thought you will be thinking in the future.

Also, the more do you want to think the thought you are now considering, the more will you want to think the thoughts you will be considering in the future. This information also provides useful data concerning the vibrational content of the various topics that are given your attention, for whenever a topic is given your attention, you immediately begin to attract like-natured thoughts. The more desirable are the thoughts which are attracted unto you while giving your attention to a topic, the more desirable must that topic then be due to its higher energy content. If you ever find yourself becoming increasingly positive while giving your attention to a topic, you can then be certain that you are giving your attention to a topic that is making your life more desirable by raising your energy value.

This fundamental fact provides you with clues as to what is in store for you in the future based on the individual choices you make. As you choose to think of a topic, you immediately begin attracting like-natured thoughts and it is the nature of these attracted thoughts that indicates the nature of the future that is then being created. If you are satisfied with the nature of the thoughts that are being attracted after making your choice of topic, then you can be certain you will enjoy the future thoughts and experiences that are being created in that moment. The more extensively are such thoughts enjoyed, the more thoroughly will you enjoy the future thoughts and experiences being created.