Negativity Is Always Wrong

Negativity is always wrong, because all you are ever doing with your every thought is creating your future. Therefore, as you think a thought, whether it be positive or negative, you are only creating the future you will soon be experiencing. This is true, because the underlying structure of the Universe is vibrational in nature. Thus, as you think a thought, you are really only experiencing your personal vibration, which is setting the foundation for your future vibration.

The desirability of your reality is defined in terms of your energy value. As your energy value rises, so increases the desirability of your reality. As you think a positive thought, your energy value is thereby rising. In fact, that is what the experiencing of a positive thought is in its very essence. In the thinking of a positive thought, you are experiencing the desirability of your reality increasing as its vibration is raised. Conversely, as you think a negative thought, you are then experiencing the desirability of your reality decreasing as your vibration is lowered.

This then allows for us to understand why negativity is always wrong, because every time you are thinking a negative thought, you are essentially experiencing the desirability of your reality decreasing at that very moment. And the more negativity do you experience, the greater is the decrease then being experienced. Of course, this is a major divergence from traditional logic, because the very concept of right and wrong becomes irrelevant. What difference does it make if you are right if your reality is becoming less desirable?

A correct approach to logic would thus become that of identifying the most desirable thought of which you are aware since that thought will improve your reality to the greatest extent possible. The more desirable is the thought you are thinking, the more logical are you being since you are then improving the desirability of your life experience to the greatest extent to which you are capable of improving it at that very moment.