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Surrounding Reality

You are experiencing the vibrational state of your surrounding reality with your every thought. Therefore, the more desirable is the corresponding emotion being experienced alongside your thoughts, the more desirable is the vibrational state of your surroundings. Ergo, the more desirable are you able to make your thoughts now, the more desirable will be the emotion that is experienced in response, and thus the more desirable will become the state of your reality as it becomes a better match to that vibration.

Therefore, you can use the state of your present emotions as a clear indication of where you are in life since their desirability indicates the desirability of surrounding vibrations. The more desirable are you able to make your emotional state now, the more desirable must be the surrounding vibrational state of your reality, and thus the more desirable will be the future vibrational state of your reality in return.

This highlights the importance of guiding your choices using vibrational logic since the quality of your choices now will depict your satisfaction with future life experiences. The greater is the degree to which your present thought is improving your emotional state, the higher in quality is the choice presently being made, and thus the more desirable will be the future reality that will be created.

It is in this way that reality may be viewed as being one-dimensional in that you only ever experience a single vibration upon the infinite scale of potential energy values. As you experience any particular vibration through thought and emotion, you are then experiencing one of the infinite dimensions in existence, and the more desirable is the thought or emotion perceived to be, the more desirable is the dimension then being experienced.

Furthermore, all surrounding dimensions are of a like nature in the form of like-natured thoughts and emotions. Ergo, the more desirable are the thoughts and emotions being experienced in the present, the more desirable are the dimensions into which you are moving, and thus the more desirable will be the dimensions constituting your future reality.