How Health Really Works

There are countless theories circulating concerning how the body works, but certain principles have come to light that teach us precisely how health really does work. To understand how the body works, you must first start thinking of it in terms of energy values. Like everything else in existence, the body consists of a specific amount of energy. As this energy content changes, so changes the physical appearance of the body, and vice versa. Ergo, your body always maintains a specific energy value, and it is thus always either increasing or decreasing in its energy value depending on the circumstances in which you may find yourself. When your energy value is rising, such as when you are getting warmer or thinking more positively, you are experiencing a more robust state of health that corresponds with greater activity, but when your energy value is decreasing, your activity likewise decreases. This is due to your activity being the direct consequence of your rate of vibration. The higher is your rate of vibration, the more significant is the effect in the form of greater activity.

There are also certain thresholds that correspond with certain states of health. A healthy body naturally corresponds with a higher energy value while an unhealthy body corresponds with a lower energy value. Thus, the higher is your energy value, as is indicated by the desirability of your thoughts, the closer is your personal rate of vibration to that of a healthy state. Thus, the greater is your positivity, the healthier is your present state of health in that the higher is the rate of vibration being experienced. Death too thus also comes with a lower frequency threshold, and the closer in proximity does your energy value become to this threshold, the greater is the probability of its occurrence due to a less significant energy change being needed to cross the threshold. We may thus conclude that the greater is your positivity right now, the less probable does death become as your energy value begins to distance itself from a state matching it. This concept can be further expanded upon too in that the greater is your positivity now, the less probable does death become for everyone around you as a result of your higher rate of vibration increasing the energy value of the surrounding spacetime.

Furthermore, everything consists of vibration at its fundamental essence. Therefore, all illnesses are only vibrations of certain frequencies which translate into specific energy values. Thoughts of a healthy body and a perfect state of health are of a higher rate of vibration, and their consideration naturally results in a healthier state of mind and body. Thoughts of illnesses on the other hand consist of lower frequency vibrations that match the illnesses themselves. Ergo, as you consider an illness, you are then being exposed to its vibration and thereby beginning to maintain a vibration that is of a greater likeness to the illness itself. In other words, in the very thought of the illness you begin to contract the symptoms of that illness, which in turn may be considered actually contracting it from a vibrational perspective due to your becoming vibrationally harmonized with it. (Mass Hysteria and Pandemics)

It is for this reason that all of your thoughts should be centered on maintaining a healthy state of mind and body. Thoughts of being perfectly healthy will naturally instill the vibration of good health within you which in turn will instantly make you feel better. This improved feeling is an improvement in your personal vibration that indicates your vibration is increasing in likeness to that of a healthy person. Thus, the more thoughts are you able to think of yourself as being perfectly healthy, the better will you feel in return and the more improved will be the state of health experienced.

Deeper insights into the nature of aging in particular have revealed that aging is this very same process taking place over an extensive period of time. In this way, every time you experience negativity, you are then being exposed to a lower frequency vibration that is thereby lowering your rate of vibration, which naturally in turn produces the effects of aging that summate to an increasing decrepitude. Not to fret though, because this implies that the very experiencing of positivity is the experiencing of reversed aging. The more intense and prolonged is your exposure to positivity, higher frequency vibrations, the higher in frequency will become your body's vibration thereby giving you a more youthful appearance.

Since vibrations are perceived in the form of emotions, your state of health thereby becomes equivalent to your emotional state. As you experience the emotional state produced by a certain thought, you are then experiencing the state of health that thought instills within you. This is because the perception of emotions is the perception of vibrations existent within your body, and the more desirable are these vibrations, the more desirable is your state of health.