The Nature Of Trade-Offs

You are always making trade-offs as you choose to focus on one subject over another, but trade-offs also come in less obvious forms as well. For instance, when you choose to focus on driving a car faster to reach your destination sooner, at that moment you are trading the option of focusing on a level of safety that will increase the likelihood you will arrive safely at your destination in return for speed. In the same way, when you focus on speeding up the rate at which a manifestation will unfold, you are at that moment making a trade-off to focus on the speed at which your manifestation unfolds in exchange for the way in which it will unfold, the quality of the manifestation. Trade-offs are also of an infinite nature as well. When you choose to give your attention to a specific vibrational frequency, a subject or point of focus, you are at that moment trading that point of focus for the infinite number of points of focus you can give your attention. Thus, since satisfaction is what you are seeking with your manifestations, you should give your attention to a point of focus that makes you feel satisfied. As a result, you will attract experiences that match, experiences that make you feel satisfied with the life scenario which has manifested before you as a result of your thought.


Enjoy that which you give your attention. For instance, give your attention to that which makes you happy simply because it makes you happy to do so and you will attract matching experiences of being happy. So, if thoughts about having what you want make you happy, then you should think those thoughts to attract experiences of happiness into your life.

Variables And Outcomes

For every outcome, experience, there are associated variables which are directly tied to the outcome while simultaneously being a part of it and the cause of it. For example, for an illness to arise, your life experience must be harmonized with the illness to an extent and thus there must be variables, causative factors, representing this harmony in the form of objects and actions, experiences which are both a part of the experience of having the illness and the cause of it. Therefore, by removing these variables, the harmony with the illness is removed and thus so is the experience of illness. This is true of all experiences. By adding variables harmonized with your desires to your life experience and by removing disharmonious variables, harmony with your desires will be achieved and they will manifest to a greater and greater degree with each addition of a harmonious variable.

Share The Love

When you give your attention to desirable subjects, you begin to vibrate in harmony with them and as others give their attention to you, they begin to vibrate in harmony with you and since you vibrate in harmony with a desirable subject due to your focus, those who focus on you also vibrate in harmony with the desirable subject. To share the love, you can simply give your attention to desirable subjects.

As you give your attention to subjects you find to be desirable, you will feel very good as you vibrate in harmony with them and the vibrational frequency at which you vibrate will then be transferred to those who focus upon you and this will benefit them as well as you. Due to this phenomenon, the best thing you can do for those around you is to find the best feeling states of being you can possibly find, the best feeling thoughts you can think.

The process of thinking the best feeling thoughts you can think will lead you to incredibly good feeling thoughts and as those around give you their attention, they too will begin to vibrate in harmony with the exceptionally desirable points of focus you have been focusing upon and they will feel very good as a result.

Exponential Growth

Thoughts grow exponentially. With each additional thought you think about a particular topic, you begin to vibrate in harmony with its vibration to a greater degree. Thus, each time you think another matching thought, it becomes easier and easier for your vibration to become a match to this thought's vibration and thus you become a better match to it at a faster and faster rate as a result.

This increase in harmony is made apparent in the form of additional thoughts that are harmonized with the vibration of the initial thought to a greater degree. For example, when you first think a thought, it may seem to be very isolated and singular within your mind, small in nature, the vibration itself only filling a small part of your mind and body, but as you continue to think matching thoughts, the vibration becomes more expansive and thus fills your body and your environment to a greater degree which in turn allows you to develop more comprehensive thoughts that match the vibration being harmonized with to an even greater degree.

This increased harmony of thought comes in the form of you thinking about the vibration permeating your environment to a greater extent as you continue to harmonize with the vibration thus making the initial thought a reality within your mind, as it was when you first thought it, but also a reality within the exterior world to a degree which is equal to the extent to which you gave thoughts matching the initial vibration your attention. Exponential growth in this sense also occurs within the mind in the form of gaining additional knowledge, access to information about a topic, that is equal in nature to the extent to which you have given the topic your attention.

Heaven On Earth - Shambhala

Shambhala is a state state of being where you are focused on reality in a pure manner and see its true nature, an existence with heaven like qualities filled by colorful and beautiful structures that are seen directly through the senses. To reach this state of being, one must first focus on the idea of Shambhala, an idea consisting of a fabulous kingdom that maintains an essence similar to the essences found in Buddhist paintings.

Next, bring this vision into your present reality by picturing it encompassing your existence in this physical realm. Once this is done, the mystical qualities of your physical existence will become apparent. Thoughts often cloud one's ability to enter Shambhala due to their disharmony with it, as is the case with doubtful thoughts, but this process will harmonize your thoughts with Shambhala and it will give you access to Shambhala, total enlightenment, enlightenment at all times. The glimpsing of enlightenment is common for most people, but Shambhala, heaven on earth, is a complete and sustained immersion into enlightenment.

You Change The World

Every object has an infinite impact on the Universe, as do you, in that the vibration you emanate in any given moment alters the vibration of your surroundings and then your surroundings alter their surroundings and so on and so forth with your vibrational impact being inherent in the process throughout all of space and time. The quality of this effect, the desirability of the impact, experiences created as a result, is equal to how good you feel in the moment of the vibration's emanation, the positivity, desirability, of your emotional state.

Vibration Infusions

Vibration infusions are the result of your interacting with vibrations that differ from your own and thus infuse a vibration into your body and your life that differs from your own. This process will ultimately result in your manifesting of experiences that match the infused vibrations. Every thought and experience you have is a vibration infusion that changes your personal vibration and the more you are exposed to a particular vibration, the more its vibrational frequency will be infused into your personal vibration and thus the more like it you and your entire life will become.

Difficulty Manifesting

The greater the difference between your present vibrational frequency and the frequency you would maintain were your desire to manifest, the greater is the perceived difficulty of manifesting that particular desire. For example, it would be perceived to be fairly easy to manifest a single dollar, but the more dollars you wish to manifest, the greater the perceived difficulty of manifesting the desire will become. In other words, the greater the difference between the way you presently feel and the way you would feel were your desire to manifest, the more difficult you will perceive the manifesting of your desire to be. Thus, each step you make towards improving the way you feel so that you feel as if your desire has already manifested will result in your perceiving the desire you wish to manifest to be easier and easier to bring to fruition.

Vibrational Reach

Your vibrational reach is the extent into the infinite to which you can perceive through your thoughts. Thus, the highest and the lowest energy frequencies of which you are aware define your vibrational reach. Also, the extent to which you can perceive physical space, such as your immediate surroundings, but also deep space, along with the extent into the minute, such as specks of dust as well as atoms, and the extent into the past and future of which you are capable of perceiving, defines your vibrational reach and all of these factors are defined by the thoughts you think and the corresponding feelings they generate, for the deeper into any of these directions you attempt to peer, the further into those directions extends your vibrational reach into the infinite.