Value Of Hope

It is in the belief that something is possible that continually drives you towards pursuing your goals. In the moment such a belief is extinguished, so too is your pursuit of the dream put to an end. Ergo, the value of hope is equal to that of your desire as it is a necessary ingredient for your desire to even be pursued.

The various degrees of hope you entertain likewise affect your ability and willingness to pursue your dreams. The greater is the degree of your belief in something being possible, the greater is the amount of hope you maintain and the more enthusiastic and persistent you will be in attempting to accomplish even your grandest of dreams.

To benefit from this knowledge, start thinking about your desire as being possible. The more often you do so, and the more extensive is your ability to convince yourself that it is indeed possible, the more hope you will then possess.

Effects Of Relativity

Relativity is the result of the Universe being infinite in nature since there is no point from which you may gain perspective within infinity due to the difference between your energy value and that of the highest and lowest energy values always being infinite no matter where you happen to reside within the infinite spectrum. Thus, the only way to gain perspective is to establish an artificial point within infinity from which you may then easily determine the difference between your energy value and its own.

Due to the infinite nature of the Universe, there are always infinitely higher energy values for you to attain. Even so, due to the necessity of establishing artificial points from which they may gauge their personal position within infinity, such as the energy values of those around them, most people judge their position within infinity by comparing themselves to others. As a result, the desirability of their thoughts and emotions is determined by comparing them to the thoughts and emotions of others. The result of this is naturally a considerably lower energy value than would be achieved otherwise.

With this knowledge, you may now understand the importance of raising the bar, for the energy values, thoughts and emotions, with which you choose to compare yourself help to define your personal energy value to a rather significant degree. Thus, you now know that the nature of your thoughts and their resulting emotions are largely defined by the world in which you live. By knowing that there are infinitely more desirable thoughts and emotions for you to experience, you may now explore the limitless nature of your existence by soaring to ever higher heights.

Power Of Positivity

Positive thoughts contain all of the power needed to fulfill your dreams since your energy value must always match that of the desire's fulfillment in order for it to be fulfilled and the energy value of a desire is always higher than your own. Thus, good feeling positive thoughts are the only thoughts that can fulfill your dreams and the greater is the degree of the positivity, the faster is the rate at which you are moving towards the desire's fulfillment. Once you are as happy as you would be were the desire to be fulfilled, the desire is then being fulfilled and the closer you are to such a state of happiness, the closer you are to the desire's fulfillment.

Who You Are

You are happiness incarnate in that who you are is equal to the unique state of happiness that is derived from your individual perspective. Therefore, with each thought you define who you are by establishing a specific state of happiness that is wholly unique to yourself.

Is It True?

Since all of reality is based in emotion, the only truth you ever experience is that of emotion. Ergo, wondering if something is true thus becomes nonsensical, because in doing so, the truth is then defined as the emotional state that is produced from the asking of such a question.

Therefore, only the emotional state produced by a thought is the truth and there is no broader truth since reality will match that emotional state and set into motion the attraction of matching thoughts that produce the same emotional state. Thus, the truth that is the emotional state produced by a thought as you think it is the only truth and the more desirable is such emotion, the more desirable is the truth being created.

Have To Think About

With your every thought, your reality is becoming more alike in nature to that of the thought being considered. Therefore, that which you choose to think about now will be that which you will have to think about in the future.

Since thoughts tend to repeat themselves, not only will you have to think about that which is given your attention in the present, but you will also have to think about it in the same way. Therefore, not only should you carefully choose that which is given your attention in the present, but the way you choose to think about it should also be chosen just as carefully.

Vibrational Body

Since the body is vibrational in nature, its structure thus becomes quite malleable in that a simple change in the vibrations to which it is exposed instantly changes its structure. Therefore, ailments are only indicators the body is being exposed to vibrations that are not harmonized with the core vibration of the body in its natural healthy state. All such disharmonious vibrations are perceived as bad feeling negativity, as is produced from thoughts of the body being anything other than healthy.

Thus, to erase the effects of an illness, all one must do is reverse this process by exposing the body to good feeling vibrations that likewise always produce positive emotion. Such thoughts as that of the body being in an optimal condition thus become necessary for well-being to be maintained since these thoughts displace thoughts of any other nature.

The body's natural ability to heal itself thus corresponds directly with the good feelings that are produced by positivity. Therefore, as you think positive thoughts that make you feel good by producing positive emotions, you are witnessing the body healing itself by harmonizing with a vibration of well-being.

Aggressive Positivity

There is a localized tendency toward negativity on Earth due to a habitually developed thought pattern that dictates one must be negative. Even so, due to the structure of infinity, half of the points of focus which you may give your attention are always of a positive variety while the other half are negative. Thus, negativity becomes a choice rather than a necessity.

Despite this fact, due to the habitual tendency toward negativity presently prevailing on Earth, aggressive positivity thus becomes necessary to overcome such a tendency. Ergo, one should not just try to be positive, but should try to be as positive as possible through the thinking of the absolutely most positive thoughts available that produce the strongest emotions.

Sure Signs

Positivity and negativity are sure signs something good or bad is going to happen since they are the precursors of events and in many cases form a part of the events themselves. In this way, positivity can be utilized to create your future.

In the thinking of a positive thought, you are experiencing the event that is being created and it will thus be as desirable as the positivity is desirable since the event will produce the same emotional state as the thoughts that created it. Ergo, the more intense is your positivity now, the more significant and desirable will be the future events it creates.

Manifesting Bliss

The manifestation of your bliss would be the experiencing of a vibration that is of a frequency matching your bliss. Therefore, your bliss is manifesting with your every thought of it. The more thoughts you think of your bliss, the greater is the degree to which it is manifesting since the degree to which you are experiencing its vibration is thereby increased.

Thus, that which you think about always manifests. In the moment you think a thought you are instantly exposed to a vibration matching it, since the thought is a vibration, and this vibration then immediately alters your personal vibration as is indicated by a change in the way you feel, a manifestation, which in turn results in changes in the nature of your reality that match the vibration to which you are exposed, additional manifestations.

Thought Leading

Thoughts lead to infinitely similar results in the form of thoughts of a virtually identical nature. Thus, the more harmonized is a thought with a particular event in terms of the likeness between the thought and the thought of the event actually happening, the more alike in nature to the event is the thought that must follow. Ergo, when a thought matches the nature of an event, the event is happening and the event will thus follow in the form of an infinitely like-natured thought.

As it is necessary for your energy value to match your desire in order for it to be fulfilled, thoughts of your desire make it more possible by bringing your energy value closer to that of its fulfillment while thoughts of its absence make it impossible by taking your energy value in the opposite direction of its fulfillment. Therefore, you can make even your grandest of desires more likely to occur just by increasing the likeness of all of your thoughts to the nature of your desires.

Reality Is A State Of Happiness

As reality is a state of happiness, your desires too are a state of happiness and are thus fulfilled when such a state is maintained. Since such a state of happiness may only be produced by thoughts of an infinite likeness to that of the desire's fulfillment, it is thus necessary to think thoughts of your desire as if it has already been fulfilled in order for it to be fulfilled by your experiencing of a state of happiness matching its fulfillment.

Furthermore, the distance to the fulfillment of your desire thus becomes that of the degree of likeness of your present thought compared to the thought you would be thinking were the desire presently fulfilled and its corresponding emotional state. Ergo, as your thought and emotional state approaches infinite likeness to that of the desires's fulfillment, the desire is then being fulfilled.

Being Happy Enough

In order for a thought to manifest, the degree of happiness experienced in the thinking of the thought must be of an infinite degree of likeness to that of the preceding thought. Therefore, all experiences manifest as a result of your being as happy as the experience makes you and thus the happier you are, the happier all of the experiences you encounter will then make you.

Everything Being Happiness

Everything being happiness thus indicates that all thoughts are the selection of a state of happiness matching their nature. Ergo, reality itself is a state of happiness as all perceptions of reality are thoughts. Therefore, the only action you ever take is that of selecting a state of happiness and thus all actions are really just thoughts of a certain degree of happiness. Thus, with each thought you define the nature of your reality that is equal to the degree of happiness that is produced by your chosen thought.

By choosing a thought that produces the most desirable state of happiness, you thus make the state of your reality as desirable as possible. Furthermore, all desires are really just a desire for a specific state of happiness and the more alike in nature is the state of happiness produced by a thought to that produced by the fulfillment of a desire, the closer you are to its fulfillment.

Thought Power

The power of your thought is determined by your ability to see things differently than the way they are at present. Therefore, the more a thought differs in nature from that of reality, the greater is its power. Ergo, the more desirable is a thought compared to the state of reality, the greater is the degree to which it makes reality more desirable.

Positivity Or Negativity

As all thoughts and experiences are given rise to by thoughts and experiences of an infinitely like nature, by asking yourself whether a thought or experience was created by positivity or negativity, you can identify the type of thought that created it and thus focus on or avoid such thoughts. Therefore, when you think a positive thought, you are giving rise to more positive thoughts and experiences, but if you think a negative thought, you are giving rise to more negative thoughts and experiences. Thus, the more deliberately you choose positive thoughts and the greater is their degree of positivity, the more positive thoughts will ultimately be created and the greater will be their desirability.

Implications Of Happiness

Happiness is an awareness of the energy from which everything is made. As everything is happiness, what you are really manifesting is a state of happiness and thus your success as a manifestor is always equal to the degree to which your present thought makes you happy. In fact, since every thought corresponds with a specific state of happiness, and all that you perceive in life is but a thought, all you ever do in life is choose a particular state of happiness as is defined by the degree to which your present thought makes you happy.

Furthermore, as everything is happiness, all that you ever experience is that of a particular state of happiness and thus the only reason anything ever happens is due to your choosing to think a thought of a particular degree of happiness matching that which is happening. Ergo, your life is as desirable as the degree of happiness you choose to experience. Thus, to increase the desirability of your life experience, all you must do is choose to experience a greater degree of happiness by thinking a happier thought.

The Nature Of Relativity

The nature of relativity is the difference in the various perspectives that may be maintained within this Universe. Such differences in perspective may only arise from multiple observers maintaining differing energy values from one another. As the nature of a thought is naturally equal to its energy value, the nature of the perspectives of two observers is thus equally as different as are their energy values different from one another.

This phenomenon causes far more than just a difference in opinion as to the timing of events and the paths charted by objects within them though. In particular, the desirability of a certain perspective is wholly dependent upon the difference in its energy value relative to your own with a greater energy value of the perspective making it all the more desirable. Ergo, as your energy value rises, so decreases the desirability of a static state perspective, such as a previously existent desire.

This accounts for the phenomenon whereby that which is desired becomes diminished in desirability once the desire has been fulfilled. This effect is easily countered by finding a thought relating to the desire that is of even greater desirability thereby establishing a difference between your energy value and that which is desired once again which in turn restores the pleasure that is derived from the giving of your attention to the desire that is equal to the degree such a difference causes your energy value to rise.

Furthermore, concepts such as good and bad are only the result of your unique perspective within the infinite and what might be considered to be good to you might not be considered to be good to another. Such relativity of desirability emphasizes the value of increasing the desirability of that which is desired as much as possible so that your are not limited by your unique perspective.

Another effect of relativity becomes quite apparent as you attempt to deliberately raise your energy value through the thinking of highly desirable thoughts. As your energy value rises, your perspective of the high frequency vibrations being focused upon is likewise adjusted. Such an increase in your energy value makes it more alike in frequency to that of the highly desirable thoughts being considered. Due to this increasing likeness, the desirability of the high frequency thoughts is thereby diminished, but perhaps even more importantly, the desirability of the previously maintained vibration that was displaced by a higher frequency vibration then becomes considerably less desirable.

As your vibration rises in frequency, the degree to which lower frequency vibrations make you feel bad is thereby increased and thus your sensitiveness to such vibrations is also increased. This particular phenomenon is of tremendous value though, because its presence clearly indicates that your frequency has increased in desirability and thus such a sensitiveness to lower frequency vibrations should be fully heeded so that you may readjust your focus by bringing your attention back to the high frequency thoughts that raised your vibration in the first place.

The Nature Of Gravity

The nature of gravity is that of vibration averaging. The location of an object within spacetime is equal to its unique energy value, for no two locations within spacetime are of precisely the same energy value due to the unique influences all of the vibrations throughout the Universe have on each point within spacetime. Furthermore, the closer in proximity an object becomes to a particular point in spacetime, the more alike must its vibration become to that particular point due to its vibration averaging with vibrations surrounding that point. Ergo, as an object changes in energy value, so changes its location within spacetime and vice versa.

Thus, due to the natural tendency of vibrations to average with one another as they interact, whenever two objects interact with one another, so are their vibrations averaged with each other thereby making their energy values of greater similarity. The increasing similarity of the two interacting objects results in the phenomenon of gravity that is the closing in proximity of the two objects towards one another within spacetime.

The structure of spacetime itself is that of an infinitely dense medium with each point of space being filled with particles approaching an infinitesimal size. It is the unique set of vibrations flowing through each point in spacetime that makes them unique and gives them an entirely unique vibration from that of every other point in spacetime. The illusion of a curvature of space is thus derived from the source of gravity being vibration averaging with objects following a tendency to move towards the center of the gravitational field of other objects as they average with their vibration thereby making their vibration more alike in nature to that of the object attracting them. Space therefore is not curved, but it is the paths of the objects themselves that curves to follow the path matching the changes in their energy value. Thus, as an object increases in likeness to the vibration of another object, it becomes increasingly closer within spacetime by following the spherical density pattern emanating from its center that is its vibration and thus as the object interacts with the vibration of another object, it continually moves deeper into its gravitational field as its vibration increases in likeness to that of the object to which it is being attracted.

Vibration averaging, gravity, is thus the primal cause of all effects within the Universe and it is the fundamental law of nature that defines the structure of reality, for as you give your attention to any vibration, its vibration is naturally averaged with your own due to the law of vibration averaging requiring all interacting vibrations to ultimately come to an equilibrium by averaging with one another which in turn defines your precise location within spacetime.

Therefore, the nature of your reality naturally becomes a better match to all of the vibrations to which you are exposed, as is indicated by the nature of your thoughts, thereby causing your movement into a location within spacetime that is of a greater likeness in nature to that of your thoughts as your personal vibration increases in likeness to their own.

Cause And Effect Universe

With everything being of vibration, and vibration averaging being the underlying mechanism upon which all actions take place, every effect must have a cause. The cause of every action is always that of a vibration and the frequency of the effected vibration is always equal in nature to that of the cause. Therefore, in order for your desires to manifest, there must first exist a cause in the form of a vibration that is of a frequency that matches the desired effect.

As every experience is a thought of a nature matching the experience, the manifestation of your desires would only be a thought of their manifesting. Therefore, in order for such a thought to arise, thoughts of a vibration matching that of the desired thought must first be considered. As your thoughts increase in likeness to that of the desired effect, so increases the likeness of the resulting manifestations to that of the the desired experience.

This process is constantly occurring though since every thought is a vibration of a specific energy level that thus has an effect of a matching vibration. Ergo, every thought you ever think has an effect that is equivalent in nature to that of the thought. Thus, the more desirable all of the thoughts you think become, the more desirable will be all of the effects those thoughts produce.

Fundamentals Of Thought Attraction

The nature of thought is that of an infinitely varying energy value that changes from one energy value to the next as the nature of the thought so changes. Therefore, the greater is the degree to which the nature of a thought changes, the greater is the degree to which its energy value is thereby changed. Even so, the imperceptible changes from one thought to the next makes each successive thought of infinite likeness to that of the preceding thought. This phenomenon gives rise to the sensation that one is thinking the same thought when you are actually thinking an infinite number of unique thoughts in rapid succession.

The consistency of vibrations principle requires that two interacting vibrations must average together with one another and therefore the degradation in frequency from one vibration to that of a neighboring vibration is of infinite likeness from one to the next. The same principle applies to the vibration of thoughts. Therefore, the frequency of a thought that follows any particular thought must be of infinite likeness in nature, and thus frequency, to the preceding thought.

Here is where the attraction of thought comes into the picture, for as your personal energy value is set to the frequency of a particular thought, the succeeding thought absolutely must be of an infinitely like nature and thus a thought of a like nature is always naturally attracted to the thought that precedes it.

Thus, thoughts of a like nature are always attracted to one another and a thought of a dramatically different nature cannot ever follow a specific thought. This is of extreme importance to anyone who wants to deliberately create their life, because in the choosing of any given thought, you are actually setting your personal energy value, and in so doing, you are defining the very nature of all succeeding thoughts. Ergo, the more desirable is the thought you choose to think now, the higher in energy will be your personal energy value and thus the more desirable will be all succeeding thoughts that are attracted unto you as a result of thinking that particular thought.