The Holographic Universe

The Universe is a holographic universe. Fractals can be used to help you understand the holographic structure of the Universe. Fractals are design patterns with small parts that are of the same shape as the larger image they combine to form.

Since life abides by this holographic principle with the smallest parts being an exact copy of the larger whole, and vice versa, you can proceed with the creation of your life by applying the law of attraction in a far more advantageous manner from this point forward using this information.

Since the Universe is a holographic Universe, any change that affects you in turn affects the entirety of the Universe, because the two images, you and the Universe, must always be a perfect match. With this knowledge, you can now go forth and make changes in your life knowing that you are changing the entirety of the Universe by doing so, but more importantly, you can begin to view the entire Universe in the way you want to view it.

By doing so, you will align with your desires to a greater extent and manifest them at a much faster rate as a result. For example, since the Universe always matches the state of mind you are maintaining in any given moment, when you are picturing the fulfillment of your desires, the entire Universe changes to match this thought. This phenomenon occurs due to the Universe being all that you perceive from your perspective and therefore as your perspective changes so changes the Universe.

This applies to the way you feel as well. When you change the way you feel, the entirety of the Universe must change to match since the Universe is a fractal and the smallest of parts must always be a perfect match to the largest of parts. Thus, however you feel in any given moment, and however you may be thinking in any given moment, the entirety of the Universe always matches with precision.