Synchronous Manifesting

Synchronous manifesting is the process whereby you deliberately choose to think thoughts that you believe match your desires to create a reality of a matching nature. Once your choice of thought has been made, you can then watch the immediate world begin to transform to match your desires due to synchronicity, which is the phenomenon that requires the state of your reality to match the state of your thoughts.

In the moment you begin to think different thoughts, the way you feel and the actions you take must also be immediately changed. This effect is due to your feelings and actions being of a vibration that is derived from the vibration of your thoughts. Therefore, such feelings and actions must be of a nature that matches your thoughts since they are of the same vibration. Ergo, in the moment your thoughts are changed to match your desires, your feelings and actions must also be immediately altered to better match your desires, and the more significant is the degree to which your thoughts become harmonized with your desires, the more apparent will be the effect.