What Does It Matter?

A rather commonly asked question concerns the importance of life and the various topics found within it. Since the Universe is infinite in nature, nothing has any inherent value relative to the infinite whole, but relativity gives rise to unique perspectives such as your own. It is from this unique perspective from which value is derived in that it is the amount of value a point of consciousness ascribes to something that determines its true importance. Thus, the answer to this question is quite simple since the value of anything is equal to the importance you personally give to it. The more important do you deem something to be, the more important is it from your perspective. In this way, you may personally determine how important something is and then act accordingly.

It is quite common for people to assume that everything has an intrinsic value and it is from this intrinsic value that they attempt to determine how valuable everything is, but if you understand this information to be correct, then you now understand that nothing has an intrinsic value beyond that which is given to it by consciousness. Therefore, it is up to you to determine how valuable everything is rather than attempt to identify its inherent value. While it may seem that you can determine how valuable something is by assessing its various characteristics and then coming to a logical conclusion to identify its absolute value, this would nonetheless be a misguided approach since you can actually take any given subject in existence and then ascribe any degree of value you wish to it. Ergo, you can deliberately assign greater value to anything you wish and then act accordingly to increase its value.

You can also use this effect to better guide your choices throughout the day. By attempting to identify that which you personally deem to be the most important aspects of life, you will then know precisely which topics should be given your attention since everything is a trade-off. Every topic you choose to give your attention is being traded for the infinite number of topics you can possibly focus upon. Thus, by identifying the topics which are of the greatest value from your perspective, you can now make the most advantageous trades to create the most desirable life possible.