Every Thought Must Match

Every thought must match your desires since the proportion of thought that is given to a desire equals the degree to which it is manifesting. Therefore, your every thought, including even the thoughts you think as your sense-based surroundings are perceived, must match your desires for them to manifest.

In this way, your thoughts become the manifestation in that you are experiencing the manifestation that is being created in the experiencing of your thought. Thus, the more alike do your thoughts become to your desires, the more alike is your reality then to your desires as well.

Being that desires consist of a range of energy values that forms your four-dimensional perception of them, there are a number of thoughts you can think about them. In other words, there are a number of thoughts of a wide ranging desirability that may be considered in relation to your desires. Therefore, the more desirable are your thoughts of a desire, the more desirable is the reality then being experienced. Any thoughts of a different nature are thus a reality of a totally different nature.

Since emotions are representative of your average thought's vibration, because their vibrations average together to form emotions, your emotions are the state of your reality as well. In this way, the more desirable is the emotion being experienced in relation to a desire, the more desirable is the state of the reality that is manifesting in return.

Furthermore, your desire is only ever manifesting when your emotional state matches its nature. Thus, your desires are only manifesting whenever you are experiencing the emotion you would be experiencing were they to manifest. In plainer terms, if you were to establish a desire for a particular emotion, your desire would only ever be fulfilled were you to experience that emotion.

This is due to the fact that their energy values match. When you are experiencing the energy value of an emotion that matches a desire, you are then experiencing the energy value of the desire's manifestation. The more fully is this energy value ever perceived, the more extensively is your desire then in the process of manifesting.