Just Stay Positive

Your energy value essentially matches the future being created since they must be of a like nature due to the consistency of vibrations principle and the fact that one gives rise to the other. Therefore, the more positive do you remain in any given moment, the more desirable is the future then being created.

In other words, you are constantly experiencing the future energy value you will maintain since your present energy value will give rise to your future energy value due to their being interconnected systems. Ergo, the future is connected to the present just as the pieces of a physical structure are interconnected, only this structure is 4-dimensional in nature rather than being simply 3-dimensional.

Thus, the nature of this structure is consistent throughout since its vibrations are constantly interacting with one another, and averaging with one another, thereby giving rise to a structure of a uniform character that is perceived as the smooth passage of time. Your current energy value will thus give rise to your energy value in the moments to come. Therefore, the higher is your energy value now, the higher will be your energy value in the future. Viewed from another perspective, the greater is the degree of your positivity now, the greater will be the degree of your positivity in the future.

For this reason, it is always of the utmost importance that you do everything you can to remain positive in the present, and even go to great lengths to increase your degree of positivity now, so that you will then experience a similar degree of positivity in the future. The more successfully are you able to increase your positivity in the present, the higher in energy content will be your personal energy value in the future, and the more desirable will your life experiences become in return.