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Make New Choices

While the state of your present reality may not perfectly reflect your desires, it nonetheless provides you with a tremendously valuable piece of knowledge since it tells you exactly what the thoughts you have been thinking leading up to this point in time create. Every thought you have considered leading up to the present averaged together to form the nature of your present reality. Ergo, the degree to which you are satisfied with the present state of your reality equals the degree to which you were satisfied with the average thought you considered leading up to it.

In this way, you may now determine whether or not the thoughts you have been thinking have been beneficial in your quest for your desires. The more alike is your present reality to the desires being manifested, the more alike were the thoughts you considered to get there. Thus, if you do not find the state of your present reality to be particularly satisfying, you can start making new choices. By avoiding rethinking the same old thoughts you have been considering to get to where you are at present, you can now deliberately choose thoughts of a different nature, and the more alike are the thoughts you choose to the desires you wish to bring to fruition, the more alike will be your future reality to those desires.

In other words, you are constantly experiencing the future that is being created by your every thought. As you think a thought, you are essentially experiencing the future since you are experiencing the vibration from which your future reality will be composed. Therefore, the more extensively are your thoughts enjoyed, the more desirable is the reality presently being experienced and thus the more desirable will be the future reality that is being created.

Furthermore, the greater is the difference between the nature of your chosen thoughts from the state of your present reality, the greater will be the difference between the nature of your present reality and the future reality being created. Ergo, as you think a thought matching your desires, you are essentially experiencing the very nature of the surrounding universe changing to better match their nature, and the more prolonged is your focus upon the desires being manifested, the more extensively is your reality then changing to better match their nature.