The Nature Of Doubt

Doubt is absolutely by far the most difficult issue ever encountered by those attempting to manifest their desires. Doubt comes in a variety of forms too. Whether it be doubt as to whether or not it is even possible to attract your desires simply by thinking about them, or doubt as to whether or not you are personally capable of fulfilling your desires, you too will undoubtedly come across doubt in a series of forms as you attempt to bring your desires to fruition. The reason for this abundance of doubt is due to the fundamental nature of doubt. By better understanding the underlying causes as to why you will doubt yourself and these concepts at some point, you will be better suited to overcome this particular obstacle in the future.

To understand the nature of doubt, you must first understand that you exist within an energy-based Universe. Therefore, the fulfillment of your desires would actually be the attainment of a specific energy value. Thus, if your desires have yet to manifest, you presently maintain an energy value that does not match their manifestation. In other words, you are where you are at present, because your energy value matches your present circumstances.

The same principle may be applied to doubt in that if you ever encounter doubt, you are only doing so, because your energy value matches such doubt. In other words, the presence of doubt indicates that your energy value is less than it would be were your desires to come to fruition, because such doubt would not exist were your desires to be fulfilled. Therefore, the greater is the amount of doubt you are encountering in any given moment, the greater is the discrepancy between your present energy value and the point it must be at in order for your desires to manifest.

One beneficial aspect of being aware of this fact is that you may now tell precisely where you are in the manifesting process by simply assessing the amount of doubt you are presently encountering. The more extensively do you begin to believe in your ability to bring your desires to fruition, the higher must your energy value then be and the less doubt you will encounter in return.

Ergo, to bring your desires to fruition, you simply must eliminate the doubt you are encountering by giving more attention to the idea of your desires being fulfilled than you give to your desire's absence. The more extensively are you able to achieve this feat, the more extensively will your desires then be manifesting too since your energy value will then be approaching the value it must satisfy in order for your desires to manifest in your life.