Live Your Dreams Now

Live your dreams now by imagining having what you want. Imagine every detail of the life you want to live. Get so familiar with everything about the life you want to live that you are as familiar with the dream as you are with your current reality.

Imagine where you would be, how others would think about you, who you would spend your time with, how you would spend your time, how you would think, how you would feel. Imagine every possible detail you can conjure.

As you imagine having what you want, you get to witness the experience of having what you want and you vibrationally align with the state of having what you want right now. When you vibrationally align with what you want, it has to become your reality, because your reality is a direct reflection of your thoughts and the way you feel.

As a result of this relationship between your thoughts, feelings and experiences, you attract experiences that make you feel the same way your thoughts make you feel. By imagining living your dreams right now, you essentially feel as if you are living them right now and you attract experiences of having what you want into your life.