Emotional States

There are an infinite number of vibrational emotional states you can maintain. If you are interested in improving your life and achieving your goals, you should attempt to get a better picture or understanding of the advanced emotional states you can achieve in life.

The most advanced emotional state you can achieve is the state of knowing you are God and reveling in that knowing. This emotional state is essentially pure happiness accompanied by extremely high spirits or even a sense of laughing. By giving your attention to this advanced emotional state, you can easily compare your emotional state in the present moment to this advanced emotional state to see where you stand on the infinite emotional scale.

Another process you can use is the process of identifying the emotional state you would currently be maintaining if your dreams were a reality for you right now. As you imagine living the life of your dreams, you will experience the emotional state you would be maintaining right now if your dreams were indeed a reality for you.

Then, once you know what that emotional state is like, you can do your best to match it with your present thoughts. As you think thoughts that place you in the same emotional state you would be in if your dreams were a reality right now, you will then be in a frame of mind that will attract your dreams and make them a reality for you.