Glimpses Of Higher Vibrational Frequencies

If you are interested in attaining higher, faster, purer, and better feeling vibrational frequencies, then you will eventually give your attention to these higher and faster vibrational frequencies at some point. In the earliest stages of manifesting though, you will likely only give a limited amount of your attention to these frequencies.

This limited attention to these vibrational frequencies will only manifest experiences of the same frequency to a limited extent. If you have imagined what it would be like to actually experience the type of life you want to experience, you have likely already realized that if you were experiencing your dream life right now, you would be maintaining that vibrational frequency at all times.

In other words, if you were living your dream life right now, your personal vibrational frequency would be far purer overall, and this purity would indicate that you are giving nearly all of your attention to the desired vibrational frequency and a very limited amount of attention to frequencies that differ from it. As a result of this shift in focus, your life experience would mostly consist of the desired vibrational frequency with only a very limited amount of experiences being of differing frequencies.

You can use this information to your advantage by now realizing that your dreams are already manifesting. If you have tapped into a vibration that is of a higher frequency than your present position in life, your experience is already reflecting this shift in your focus, and you can see evidence of this shift by acknowledging the fact that you are already having experiences that are vibrationally similar to the dreams you have conjured.

Since your life experience perfectly reflects the amount of time you spend giving your attention to what you want, you now know that if you were to simply start giving more of your attention to your desires, you would continue to get closer to vibrating in harmony with their vibrational frequency and any corresponding experiences. This information should thus be used to inspire you to give more of your attention to your desires so that you may fill your life experience with your desires to an even greater extent in the future.