The Parameters Of Life

The parameters of life are the distances in both positive and negative directions that you are willing to travel through your thoughts. In other words, your life can only be as good as your best thought and it can only be as bad as your worst thought.

For this reason, you should do your best to refine all of your thoughts to make them as desirable as possible. Also, to truly benefit from this phenomenon, you should do your best to explore the infinite positive possibilities that exist for you in life to ensure your life is of the highest quality possible.

Along with abiding by these parameters, your life also finds a balance between all of the thoughts you think. This process occurs, because the vibrational frequency of your focus alters your personal vibrational frequency, the way you feel, and the vibrations of the best thoughts you think and the worst thoughts you think mix together to form the average vibrational frequency at which you vibrate. Thus, the worst thought you think creates a dragging effect on the best thought you think. As a result, your life reflects a balance between these two distinct vibrations rather than purely reflecting one or the other.

This phenomenon presents another great reason to refine the thoughts you think to better match the vibrational frequency of your desires. By doing so, your personal vibrational frequency will be purified and thus your life experience will be purified as well, because your life experience reflects the personal vibrational frequency you emanate.