The Nature Of Vibrational Ripples

Vibrational ripples are the result of vibrations mixing and averaging with the vibrations they interact with. While vibrational ripples are quite apparent in ponds and other bodies of water, they occur in all environments and they are generated as a result of every thought you think.

When there is a significant vibration generated as a result of your prolonged and intense focus, it mixes into your surroundings. The degraded form of the vibration that results due to this mixing is of a similar frequency as the thought that created it, but it is less significant than its predecessor due to its mixing with vibrations found within your surroundings that are of a differing frequency.

The mixture that arises is a balance between the frequency of the vibration generated by your thoughts and the frequencies of the vibrations found in your surroundings. Since the resulting vibrations are a mixture of the vibrations generated by your thoughts, they are of a similar nature to the thoughts you think, but as a vibration mixes with vibrations of differing frequencies, its frequency becomes less and less apparent in the forms found in your surroundings and it has a smaller and smaller impact on your surroundings the further away you go from its origin as a result of each point of the ripple being less like the source than its predecessor.

You can use this effect to your advantage by deliberately giving prolonged attention to the most desirable thoughts you can find to create matching ripples that will appear in your life experiences, manifestations. The more intense and prolonged is your focus, the more significant the ripples, manifestations, will become.