Be Positive For No Reason

One of the absolutely most powerful effects that can be created while applying the law of attraction may be produced simply by being positive for no reason. Being positive without any reason to be positive provides for an impressively powerful effect, because it drastically alters the present state of your personal vibration. In this way, strong emotional responses without any initial trigger greatly differ from the state of your initial reality and they produce a vast number of chain reactions that first arise in the form of greater positivity. This greater positivity then goes on to produce actions which will give rise to even greater positivity.

While these initial effects are typically quite substantial in their own right, the exponential results that are produced by unwarranted positivity only start to occur once you become even more positive due to the positivity that is then produced by your actions. The exponential improvement in your emotional state which is produced by unwarranted positivity that leads to actions based upon this positivity correlates with exponential changes within your reality too. Therefore, as you experience exponential improvements in your emotional state, you are actually experiencing exponential improvements in the state of your reality.

This is incredibly important information for you to understand, because the belief that the world around you is not changing to match your thoughts is one of the most common misconceptions people develop while using the law of attraction. With this information in your possession, you may now fully understand that you are not just witnessing improvements in your emotional state as you find ways to become increasingly positive, but you are actually witnessing real changes taking place within you reality at that very moment.

This information may be difficult to accept as being true though, because these changes might not actually be immediately apparent beyond the change in your emotional state. In other words, the only changes within your physical reality that you might actually be able to personally witness could potentially be the changes taking place within your emotional state. As was previously stated though, these initial changes then lead to greater changes within your emotional state that correspond with greater changes within the state of your reality. Thus, the more significantly are you able to improve your emotional state in any given moment, the more significant are the changes then being made to your surrounding reality.