The Discrepancy

The discrepancy that arises due to vibration averaging in which your reality only begins to partially match your desires is the result of your not fully understanding precisely how happy you would be were your desires to manifest. Therefore, the more familiar do you become with what it would be like to truly experience your desire's manifestation, the more extensively harmonized is your reality with its vibration, and thus the more extensively is it then manifesting.

Since this discrepancy is always due to an underestimation of the energy value of your desire's manifestation, the happier do your thoughts of a desire make you, the more harmonized must you then be with the desire in that the more alike must your energy value be to the thoughts you would really be thinking were it presently a reality for you. In other words, the desirability of your reality can only be as desirable as your thoughts and the reality that will manifest will always match your thoughts.

Therefore, the more desirable are your thoughts of your desires, the more desirable will be the reality that manifests which involves them. Even further, it could also be said that you are experiencing the state of your reality with your every emotion since your emotions are the perception of the vibrational state of your surrounding reality. As your emotions become more desirable in nature, the more desirable is the reality then being experienced. Therefore, the more desirable are the emotions being experienced as your attention is given to your desires, the more desirable is the reality involving them which is then being encountered.

Being that the only reality that is ever experienced is vibrational in nature, reality is only ever experienced as an emotion. Ergo, this discrepancy is only due to your experiencing of emotions that do not perfectly match your desires, the emotions you would be experiencing were your desires to manifest. The more alike do your emotions become to the ones you would be experiencing were your desires to manifest, the less significant will this discrepancy become as your reality then begins to match them perfectly.