It Has To Be True

The law of attraction is a natural phenomenon that makes itself apparent in a variety of forms. The mechanism by which it operates is based upon the underlying structure of the Universe. The reason why the law of attraction must be a very real phenomenon is due to the nature of this underlying mechanism.

The very nature of an energy-based vibrational universe requires that it be structured in a certain way. It must be structured in this way due to the consistency of vibrations principle requiring two interacting vibrations to average with one another thereby creating a smooth transition from one vibration to the other as you traverse the area of spacetime in which they are interacting.

Naturally this phenomenon results in vibrations of a certain nature existing within similar areas of spacetime, and the more alike are two vibrations, the closer must they be within spacetime since the more alike must be the nature of the surrounding vibrations. Therefore, the closer do you get to any particular point within spacetime, the more alike must your vibration then be to the vibration of that particular point.

Being that your emotions are the perception of vibration, the more alike do your emotions become to any particular state of the Universe, the closer must you then be to a matching point in spacetime in the form of a like-natured experience. In other words, the more alike does your emotional state become to the desired one, the one you would experience were your desires to manifest, the closer must you then be to having the experience of witnessing their fulfillment. In the moment you are experiencing the emotion matching your desire's fulfillment, the desire is then being fulfilled since it is the vibration that perfectly matches its manifestation.