Manifestations Included

Higher frequency manifestations include the manifestation of lower frequency manifestations since they surpass their associated emotional state. Therefore, you can center your focus on attaining a particularly desirable achievement and you will thereby fulfill numerous other achievements of a lesser desirability. Thus, by focusing on the most desirable thoughts you can think in relation to your desires, you are then setting your personal vibration to the highest frequency point of which you are aware and this will result in the manifestation of a more desirable life experience overall.

As you attempt to experience the emotional state matching your desire's manifestation, you will simultaneously be fulfilling lesser desires as you experience an emotional state that is only an approximation of the one you would really be experiencing were your desire to manifest.

This is also due to the drag effect that your present surroundings are constantly placing upon you in that your every thought averages together to form your present thought and emotional state. Ergo, the more desirable do all of your thoughts become, the more desirable do your thoughts of your desires become. Also, the more desirable does your emotional state become, the greater in number will be the desires being fulfilled since a higher frequency vibration surpasses the energy value of a greater number of desires.

In this way, the experiencing of your desire's fulfillment then becomes the experiencing of its associated emotional state. Thus, as you experience the emotional state that is associated with a desire, you are actually experiencing the desire's fulfillment. The more extensively do you experience such an emotion, the more extensively will your desire then be perceived as being fulfilled.