Vibrational Logic

Vibrational logic is the method of making predictions of the future based upon the nature of the vibrations that exist within the present moment as well as the trends in the changes in your vibration leading up to each moment. Such logic takes no account of traditional modes of prediction since it is only concerned with the nature of your vibration, as is indicated by the nature of your thoughts and emotions. It is only logical for a scenario of a nature matching your thoughts to follow in the immediate future due to the consistency of vibrations principle. Ergo, all events are thereby predictable since all events are preceded by like-natured events.

This gives rise to the ability to tell whether or not a particular desire is going to manifest too, because in order for a desire to manifest, the vibrational logic preceding it must predict its actualization. In other words, for a desire to manifest, it must first be preceded by a significant number of matching thoughts that produce the emotion matching the desire's fulfillment. Therefore, the more alike are your thoughts and emotions in the present to the thoughts and emotions you would be experiencing were your desire to manifest, the more probable does your desire's manifestation then become.

You can thus feel an event coming on prior to its actualization since it would be preceded by emotions matching its nature. In other words, as you think thoughts about your desire that produce the emotions which match its manifestation, you are then experiencing its manifestation in those moments since everything is based in vibration and you are thus experiencing the desire's manifestation as you experience emotions matching its occurrence.

In this way, the state of your reality may always be easily determined since it is equal to its vibrational state. Thus, to determine the nature of unseen aspects of the Universe, all you must do is assess the current vibrational state of your reality, and unseen variables will then gain definition since they must possess characteristics that are similar to your reality's vibrational state, which is indicated by the nature of your thoughts and emotions.

Ergo, if your thoughts and emotions are of a certain nature vibrationally speaking, further deductions concerning the nature of your reality may then be made which highlight the fact that the surrounding reality matches their vibration. In other words, since the vibrational state of your reality is equal to the nature of your thoughts and emotions, it may be deduced that hidden variables within your reality are of a nature that matches their vibration.

This fact also gives rise to a completely new approach to life in that rather than using traditional logic by basing decisions on a number of variables, some known and some not, you can now make decisions based on vibrational logic instead. In other words, rather than choosing your thoughts using traditional logic and reasoning, you can now choose your thoughts based solely on the desirability of their vibration.

The more desirable is a thought's vibration, the more sophisticated is the logic then being used, because the vibration of your present thought will match the future vibrational state of your reality. Therefore, it becomes more intelligent to choose thoughts of a desirable vibration rather than choose thoughts based upon their practicability or truthfulness. In doing so, a future reality that is of a vibration which is as desirable as your thought will then be created.

While it may seem that this process uses a completely different form of logic, vibrational logic in actuality is really only a more advanced approach to traditional logic since it is based upon innumerable logical principles of the traditional kind. In other words, vibrational logic is traditional logic since it is based on a series of logical facts that demonstrate its validity.

The Universe is vibrational in nature and your choice of thought depicts your location within spacetime and the nature of the vibrations to which you are exposed. Thus, as your thoughts increase in desirability, the desirability of the vibration to which you are being exposed and the desirability of the reality being created is also increased. It thus becomes logical to wisely choose the vibrations to which you are exposed. The more desirable is the emotion being produced by a certain thought, the more desirable is the vibration to which you are then being exposed and thus the more desirable will be the future reality it creates.