Energy Bombardment

As a point in space is continually bombarded by a vibration of a certain frequency, it must then begin to match its nature. Therefore, in order for something to happen, nothing else must change but the vibration of the area of spacetime being affected, and as its vibration changes, so too must the nature of that area be changed.

In this way, the structure of an area of spacetime is defined by its vibration, and as its vibration changes, so changes the very nature of that area. As an area of spacetime is bombarded by a vibration of a certain frequency, it is then experiencing the very change that is causing that area of spacetime to become more alike to the bombarding vibration.

Thus, when you are bombarding an area of spacetime with a certain vibration, such as a topic of some kind, you are then forcing the vibration of that topic to match the thoughts you are thinking. This will result in the production of experiences that are an average between the two in that they will be of a nature like that of both your thoughts and your past experiences.

The more desirable is your choice of topic, and the more desirable are the alterations of that topic made through your thoughts, the more desirable will be the future experiences involving it that will be attracted in return. Thus, by choosing to think thoughts of your desires, and then choosing to think the most desirable thoughts you can think in relation to them, you will then be forcing your surrounding reality to be more alike to these highly desirable thoughts.

This can also be viewed from a purely vibrational perspective in that you are only ever experiencing vibrations of a certain nature. As these vibrations change, so changes the reality that is experienced in the form of thought. Ergo, you are experiencing the nature of your reality through your every thought.

By increasing the likeness of your thoughts to the reality you desire to create, your reality will then become of a greater likeness to your desires since the manifesting of your desires would be the experiencing of their vibration. Thus, you are experiencing your desires manifestation with your every thought of them. The more extensively are you ever experiencing the vibration of your desires through thought, the more extensively are your desires then in the process of manifesting.