The Fabric Of Space And Time

The fabric of space and time is pure infinite energy at its core. This fabric becomes seemingly finite at the place where conscious thought resides. From the perspective of consciousness, time and space are tattered into an infinite number of pieces, but they are interconnected by the harmony they maintain between one another. 

Since these torn pieces are individual yet whole pieces connected to the rest of the fabric of space and time, they can be traversed. As you give your attention to one piece of fabric for instance, numerous additional yet related pieces are then made available for you to give your attention.

This structure of the Universe explains the phenomenon whereby your present experiences can instantly take your thoughts back to a distant memory or past experience. This structure of the Universe also explains why thoughts are oftentimes followed by thoughts that are topically relevant. As you think one thought and then come across a second related thought, you jump from one piece of space and time into another piece.

You can use the structure of the Universe to your advantage by purposely jumping to the pieces that match your desires. Just as you can jump to any piece by tapping into similar vibrational frequencies, you can tap into your desires right now as well by thinking about them to attract matching thoughts and experiences. As you tap into your desires, you will get a better picture of what it is like to be living your dreams by vibrationally aligning with them and this harmony will result in your experiencing of matching experiences.