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Relativity Of Happiness

Your present understanding of the meaning of happiness is wholly unique to yourself. This is due to relativity. Therefore, your understanding of happiness is defined by the nature of your unique life experiences. This phenomenon naturally results in a warped understanding of the definition of happiness. Ergo, your idea of the happiest state you can possibly achieve may not be as happy as you think it is.

Your idea of happiness is based primarily on the various states of happiness you have personally experienced and witnessed in others throughout your lifetime. Thus, your idea of happiness is based relativistically upon the various states of happiness you have encountered throughout your lifetime through chance encounters. Ergo, the happier have you ever been, and the happier have been those around you, the happier does your idea of what happiness means become.

For this reason, you should attempt to maximize the state of happiness you are personally witnessing so that you may gain a clearer understanding of what it means to be truly happy. The happier does the maximum state of happiness you are capable of perceiving become, the less happy will you seem to be from your present perspective relative to your newfound one and this will give you a better understanding of what it means to be truly happy.

This process will then naturally result in your pursuing a considerably higher state of happiness than you were previously pursuing and you will thus think happier thoughts in return. The happier does the happiest state of which you are aware become, the happier will your average thought make you as you attempt to attain greater happiness by thinking happier thoughts. Ergo, a person can only be as happy as their happiest thought, and the happier does your happiest thought become, the happier will you become as a person.