The Power Of Magnification

In the moment you begin to give your attention to anything, the vibrational frequency being focused on is instantly magnified within you, and the longer for which is your attention given to the chosen vibrational frequency, the greater will the magnification become. This phenomenon produces an amplification of the thought being considered, which results in your gaining access to more information in relation to the topic being focused on.

The thoughts that result naturally contain additional details too. The thinking of these thoughts then results in the production of additional thoughts that contain even more details of a like nature. Furthermore, the emotions that are produced by such thoughts gradually increase in intensity thereby resulting in the magnification of the initial emotion that was experienced in the thinking of the original thought.

The phenomenon of magnification is an important one, because it is integral to the phenomenon of attraction. In the giving of your attention to any point of focus, you can now be confident that you will continue to attract additional thoughts of a like nature. Thus, the more desirable is the topic to which you are giving your attention in the present, the more desirable will be the details that are thereby attracted. In other words, the more desirable is the emotional state you are able to produce in the giving of your attention to a subject, the more desirable will be the thoughts that will be attracted in return. Ergo, the more desirable are the thoughts and emotions you focus upon in the present, the more desirable will be the future experiences that are attracted unto you as a result.