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Infinite Paths

Due to the Universe being infinite, every portion of the Universe is also infinite in nature. The fact that the Universe possesses the very same qualities donned by infinity inevitably results in its features also possessing characteristics of infinity. For instance, there are an infinite number of ways in which your desires may be brought to their ultimate fruition. From the perspective of an energy-based being, this particular phenomenon may be clearly comprehended by understanding that there are an infinite number of ways in which you may go about bringing your energy value to the state it must be in for your desires to manifest.

This particular phenomenon is quite important, because it is fairly common for people to apply a vast number of limitations to their ability to manifest their desires. Most people are looking for that single opportunity they can take advantage of to bring their desires to fruition. While it is undoubtedly beneficial to seize the moment when an opportunity to fulfill your desire arises, it nonetheless becomes unnecessary to believe that you must seize a single moment to fulfill your desires since there are an infinite number of opportunities constantly presenting themselves to you that will afford you the opportunity to do just that.

While you may eventually encounter the opportunity to fulfill your desires and accidentally miss it, there is no need to concern yourself with such an ordeal since there will be plenty more opportunities for you to fulfill your desires in the future if you continue to manifest them. In other words, the presentment of an opportunity is simply an indication that your vibration is increasing in harmony with the desire being fulfilled. Thus, as you persistently attempt to manifest your desires, the number and frequency of opportunities that will present themselves will naturally increase. Therefore, the appearance of an opportunity to manifest your desires can simply be viewed as a natural consequence of attempting to manifest them and you can even expect more opportunities to arise in the future if you continue to think thoughts that match your desire's fulfillment.

Another common misinterpretation of the Universe is that the number of ways in which a desire can manifest decreases as the desirability of the desire being pursued increases. In other words, the more ambitious is the desire being pursued, the less probable is its occurrence commonly believed to be. Due to the Universe being infinite though, there are nonetheless an infinite number of ways in which even the most seemingly improbable desire may be brought to fruition.

All in all though, while there may be an infinite number of ways in which your desires may be fulfilled from the perspective of a 4-dimensional being, there is only one way in which your desires may manifest from the perspective of a one-dimensional being. All of the infinite paths that may be taken to fulfill your desires from a 4-dimensional perspective share the same trait in that they all end up at the precise same location as the rest. This is due to the fact that your energy value must reach a certain point in order for your desires to manifest since the manifestation of your desires is a specific energy value in itself. Ergo, the only way in which your desires can possibly manifest is by your energy value matching their own.

In other words, the only way in which your desires can manifest is by your thinking thoughts that are of a desirability that is equal to the desire being sought after. Thus, the more alike in nature do the infinite number of thoughts you think become to the desire being pursued on average, the more alike in nature does your reality then become to the state you wish for it to maintain.