What's Going To Happen?

Due to the consistency of vibrations principle, that which will happen next must match that which happened last. Also, due to the repetition of vibrations as a result of your becoming increasingly harmonized with their vibration in your exposure to them, the vibrations to which you are presently being exposed must be existent within your future reality. Ergo, that which will happen is that which is presently happening.

Thus, the more positively are you presently thinking of a topic, the more positively will you be thinking of it in the future. In other words, that which is happening now in terms of thought will be what happens in the future since you will be thinking the same thoughts in the future. Being that every thought produces a like-natured emotion, you will also be experiencing the same emotions. Thus, the better is something going now, the better will it be going in the future since the same vibrations will repeat themselves.

This stresses the importance of choosing your most desirable thoughts now that produce the most desirable emotions of which you are aware since such thoughts will produce the most desirable future, a future consisting of the most desirable vibrations possible. All that ever occurs in your life are your thoughts and the corresponding emotions that are thereby generated, and the more do you enjoy the vibration you are now experiencing, the more will you enjoy the future vibration that is being created.

Therefore, the easier do you find it to remain positive by thinking of a topic, the more easily will you remain positive in the future since you will be thinking the very same thoughts of that topic in the future. Thus, by choosing your most desirable thoughts concerning the most desirable topics of which you are aware, you will then be finding yourself thinking the same thoughts in the future which will thereby result in the production of the most desirable life experience possible.