The Source Of Premonitions

Premonitions are the natural consequence of your reality evolving over time to match its present state. Ergo, the vibration of your reality has evolved gradually over time which naturally resulted in like-natured vibrations being maintained from one moment to the next. Therefore, premonitions are the result of your experiencing of a state of reality that is increasing in likeness to the premonition being made. The more alike is a premonition to a scenario, the more probable does it become.

In other words, you are experiencing the vibrational state of your present reality in the thinking of a premonition. Thus, as a premonition increases in likeness to a particular event, the more alike must be the present state of your reality which thereby increases the event's probability. As is true of all thoughts, premonitions indicate the nature of your present reality since they are the very vibration of your present reality rippling through you.

Manifesting thus becomes the process of producing the most desirable vibration possible within yourself. The more desirable are the thoughts you think, the more desirable will be the resulting emotional state they produce. Since your emotions are also indicative of your vibrational state, the more desirable does your emotional state become, the more desirable must be the vibrations that are then rippling through you.

Being that who you are is essentially your vibration since it defines your every characteristic, the more desirable do your thoughts and emotions become, the more desirable do you become as a person. Being that you are a vibrational being by nature, who you are at the most fundamental level is your vibration. Thus, the more desirable does the emotion you are experiencing become, the more desirable is your life as a whole then becoming.

The fundamental nature of reality thus becomes your thought, and as your thoughts change, so changes the very nature of the surrounding reality. Therefore, the more alike do your thoughts become to the desires you wish to bring to reality, the more extensively are you then witnessing their manifestation since they are also vibrational at a fundamental level. As you think thoughts of your desires, and experience corresponding emotions, you are essentially experiencing their vibration which is their manifestation.