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Trailing Manifestations

Around every vibration are found like-natured vibrations. Ergo, around every experience are found like-natured experiences. This is true of thoughts too. Thus, every manifestation is accompanied by trailing manifestations of a like nature. This is of particular importance in relation to manifestations of your desires, because for every experience that better matches your desires are countless other experiences of a like nature that also match them.

Therefore, if you are able to create a thought of a nature that matches your desires, then you will definitely think other thoughts of a like nature that also match your desires. The same applies to experiences, for if you are able to create an experience that matches your desires, then you will also have created numerous other experiences that are of a like nature.

In this way, you can attempt to manifest a particularly outrageous desire and in so doing you will inevitably manifest a vast assortment of thoughts and experiences that are of a like nature. The more extreme is the desire being considered, the more pronounced will be the effect too, because the average vibration to which you are being exposed will then be of a considerably higher frequency which will thereby raise the vibration of every experience you ever have.

This phenomenon is due to the structure of spacetime. As you think a thought of a certain nature, and experience an emotion of a like nature, you are then experiencing a more pronounced version of the thought's vibration. As you experience an emotion, you are experiencing the vibrations of your thoughts, and the more desirable do your thoughts become, the more desirable are the vibrations being experienced.

In other words, your emotions represent your position within spacetime. As you experience an emotion, you are then experiencing your position within spacetime along with the surrounding areas of spacetime which are experienced in the form of like-natured emotions. The more desirable is the emotion you are experiencing in any given moment, the more desirable is your position within spacetime and thus the more desirable will be the surrounding positions in the form of equally desirable emotions.

Therefore, life itself is the experiencing of various areas within spacetime. As you attempt to think the most desirable thought of which you are aware, you are essentially exploring a new area of spacetime containing increasingly desirable emotions. Thus, in the moment you begin to think a thought of an extreme desirability, you are then experiencing the vibration of an area of spacetime that perfectly matches that vibration and you continue to experience that vibration more extensively as you continually head into its direction by experiencing increasingly like-natured emotions.

This then leads us to the conclusion that every point within spacetime corresponds with a specific emotional state that matches its nature. Ergo, in the experiencing of an emotion, you are actually experiencing an area of spacetime. Therefore, your sense of emotion acts as a new sense that may be used to navigate the world around you in that you are sensing your way through the Universe as you are either heading towards increasingly desirable or undesirable experiences. The more desirable is the emotion you are experiencing in the present moment, the more desirable will be the future emotions you will experience once you arrive at an area of spacetime that is of a greater likeness.

This effect indicates that the fundamental nature of reality exists in the form of a vibrational state which equals your perception of spacetime. Thus, the structure of spacetime at any particular point is equal to the state of the vibrational flux that is experienced in the form of emotions. Due to their higher energy content, the more desirable are the emotions being experienced in any given moment, the more desirable is the vibrational structure that is being perceived.

The higher in frequency are your thoughts, the more desirable is their vibration in the form of a higher frequency three-dimensional structure. As you experience the most desirable thoughts of which you are aware while experiencing their corresponding emotions, you are then experiencing the most desirable area of spacetime to which you have gained access by thinking thoughts of an equal desirability, and the more such thoughts do you think, the greater is the access that is gained to that particular area of spacetime in the form of additional thoughts and emotions of a like nature.