Beware Of The Dogmatism

One of the greatest barriers you will face when attempting to learn more about the law of attraction is the deep-seated dogmatism that has infiltrated modern academic institutions and the corporate infrastructures which have been built by their alumni. This dogmatism has become extremely well-established through the years for a variety of reasons.

First of all, the primary mission of modern academic institutions is to teach their students facts. Therefore, in order to teach students facts, certain facts must first be established by authority figures. Thus, authority figures within the academic community espouse their philosophies concerning the manner in which the Universe operates and then their students go on to become the teachers of the future. While these students do alter the original theories to a degree, they do so only to a limited extent thereby leaving a foundation of truths that become unalterable as time passes.

Inevitably, this process results in generations upon generations of students being taught the same facts which in turn become unalterable truths that must be accepted. Anyone who attempts to deny these facts is expelled from these institutions since there is no arguing with facts. Therefore, while academic institutions have the earnest intention of teaching their students the truth, they are nonetheless forced to teach their students only that which has always been taught to their students. Professors and students that disagree with the established dogmatism are forced to the fringe thereby giving these academic institutions a monopoly over the truth. In this way, these academic institutions have displaced the role the Catholic Church used to dominate by being the only institutions in existence who may be relied upon to speak the truth.

This is the dogmatism that everyone must be aware of since it can be quite easy to become convinced by these dominant figures that claim to know everything that is known while speaking from a position of authority. This is especially true in areas of knowledge that are not particularly well-known to the average individual. For instance, physics has become plagued by this type of dogmatism. For years physicists have been relying upon the opinions of very few individuals that made themselves well-known in a variety of ways. For the most part though, these individuals made themselves well-known by being especially gifted at navigating the challenges set forth by the academic institutions for which they worked. In other words, the most famous physicists were the most gifted students of these academic institutions. Thus, the most famous physicists were the ones that agreed with the established dogmatism to the greatest extent and were thus the best at learning it relative to their peers.

Naturally, this resulted in an ever deepening belief in the dogmatism being set forth by these institutions as their teachings became increasingly complex and difficult to comprehend thereby rewarding the best students of these institutions to an even greater extent than before. Today, we are left with ideas that are relics of minds that have long since vanished from the Earth, yet their ideas live on in the teachings of these institutions.

The greatest example of this phenomenon is clearly Einstein and his theory concerning the structure of spacetime. Einstein believed that the structure of space curves, or becomes warped, by the presence of a gravitational body. His teachings have been widely taught ever since he espoused this philosophy and it is a theory every modern physicist must learn and accept as a fundamental truth of the Universe if they wish to be successful within academia. Even so, this theory is entirely wrong since empty space does not have any properties to begin with according to modern interpretations of physics and thus it cannot be warped or curved in any way.

A more accurate interpretation of gravity would be a theory called vibration averaging. As two gravitational bodies interact, their vibrations interact and thus average with one another. The more alike is the vibration of one object to that of another, the closer must they be to each other within spacetime. This process naturally results in their becoming closer to one another and this is seen as the gravitational pull that exists between these bodies. This then gives rise to the circular patterns that are seen throughout the Universe since vibrations are spherical in nature due to their emanating outwards from a central point. While this theory explains the structure of spacetime far more effectively than the theory espoused by Einstein, it is extremely unlikely that it will be accepted by academia at any point in the near future since academia has proven to be completely unwilling to alter the theories that have become embedded within its teachings.

Accepting new concepts as revolutionary as this would require that they admit the mistakes that exist within their teachings and it would require them to completely alter many other theories as a result. This is precisely the reason why everyone should be skeptical of the teachings that are espoused by these institutions, because they are essentially being forced to agree with their own opinions since anyone who disagrees with them is forced to the fringe while those who agree with them are extensively rewarded for their loyalty.

Thus, if you are searching for real universal truths, you must remain willing to keep your mind open to new ideas while constantly challenging the established dogmatism. By doing so, you will be able to avoid this pitfall that many people have fallen into. Many people believe these academic institutions are teaching the real truth and thus they deny such theories as the law of attraction since these institutions refuse to even study these fringe theories due to their strict adherence to their own philosophies. With this knowledge in hand though, you can at least remain open to the possibility that better explanations concerning the manner in which the Universe operates will be accepted in the future.