What's Happening?

From the perspective of a human being, the Universe appears to be quite complex in nature. As a result, every event that is ever witnessed also appears to be very complex in nature. Even so, the underlying nature of every experience you ever have is actually rather simple since the Universe is based in energy. Therefore, every experience you ever have may easily be described in terms of energy. In this way, what is happening to you in any given moment always relates to the nature of the vibration to which you are being exposed.

The vibration to which you are presently being exposed is always either of a higher or lower energy value depending upon its rate of vibration. Thus, in any given moment, you are either gaining in energy or losing energy based upon your choice of thought. Thoughts that raise your energy value are experienced as good feeling positivity while thoughts that lower your energy value are experienced in the form of bad feeling negativity.

Ergo, what is really happening as you choose to think that happy thought, or that unwanted thought, is a transference of energy that is either lifting you up or pulling you down to the extent it is perceived to be positive or negative. In other words, if you ever interact with someone who makes you feel good and positive, you are then interacting with someone who is of a higher energy value than your own. Thus, as you interact with them, you experience a rising energy value. As you interact with someone who makes you feel bad and negative though, what is actually happening is that your energy value is being diminished due to your energy value averaging with their own.

In this way, you can now completely understand every situation you ever find yourself in. Now you know that if you ever encounter someone who produces negativity within you, your attention may be switched to a different point of focus to ensure they do not drain you of your energy. Then, rather than being exposed to lower frequency vibrations that are making your life experience decisively worse, you can switch your attention to higher frequency vibrations that will make your life experience considerably more desirable.

This process even works in relation to positivity too though since you always have the option of choosing to think about increasingly positive points of focus. Rather than only attempting to focus on something that slightly increases your positivity, you can now make the choice to focus only on those topics that produce the most substantial positivity within you. By doing so, you will then be exposing your vibration to the highest frequency vibrations of which you are aware and they will in turn maximize the degree of positivity you are experiencing as they raise the energy value of your vibration to the greatest extent possible.