The Consequence Of Desire

There are numerous factors that depict the amount of success you have throughout the manifesting process. Everything from the nature of the desire being pursued, the amount of skill and experience you possess, and even the amount of desire you have for that which is being pursued will ultimately determine the extent to which you are successful while manifesting. By understanding the effects each one of these factors have upon your life, you will be able to navigate the various challenges you will encounter while manifesting with greater ease. Understanding the power of desire will be of particular value though, because desire is the sole source of the power that is derived from thought. The more substantial is the desire you have for something, the more successful will you be in the manifesting of it.

The reason for this is simple since you are an energy-based being. Desire itself is also based in energy since a sense of desire is derived from your exposure to a higher energy value than your present state. Ergo, the greater is the desire being experienced in any given moment, the greater is the difference between your energy value and the thought being considered. The natural consequence of this discrepancy is made apparent in a variety of ways too.

For instance, the first consequence of a strong sense of desire that you may notice is a significant improvement in the way you feel. In the moment a strong desire is formed, the emotional state being experienced is thereby immediately improved to a degree that is comparable to the strength of the desire. Therefore, the stronger is your desire for something, the greater is the extent to which your thoughts are then improving your emotional state. In this way, a sense of desire is actually the sensing of a change that is occurring within your personal being and thus also within your reality. In other words, in the moment you are experiencing a sense of desire, you are then experiencing a change that is taking place within your reality. The change in your reality that is experienced as you experience a sense of desire is the vibration of your reality being altered to better match the desire being pursued.

This is precisely why a sense of desire is the source of power behind the thoughts you think since a sense of desire is the engine that is driving the change which is making your reality more alike in nature to the desire. Therefore, another natural consequence of desire is the change in your reality to better match your desires that arises in their pursuit. This change oftentimes takes the form of thoughts and actions that will produce an effect which better matches the desire being sought after. In other words, a natural consequence of developing a strong sense of desire are the actions you will take that could potentially effect a change within your reality that will make it more alike in nature to the desired state. The stronger is the desire being experienced, the more pronounced will be the effect that is created by the actions you ultimately choose to take too. Ergo, the stronger are you able to make the sense of desire you have for a goal, the more willing will you be to take actions that will ultimately make your reality more alike in nature to the desire being fulfilled and the greater in number will be such actions.

For this reason, to maximize the amount of success you have while manifesting, you should first attempt to identify the goals for which you have the most desire. The more desirable is the particular goal you have set for yourself, the greater will be the amount of desire you will have to bring it to fruition. Furthermore, you can also choose to view the various goals you have set for yourself from a different perspective so that their desirability may be increased. The more positively are you able to think about the goals you have set for yourself, the greater will be the amount of desire that is experienced in the thinking of them and thus the more ambitiously will you pursue their fulfillment.