How You Came To Be

Consciousness perceiving pure infinite energy is a state of pure bliss, no contrast, and this is the state of consciousness maintained before birth and after death. Life comes to be when consciousness, a congealing agent, halts or slows the allowance of the infinite flowing energy and the degree to which it is is slowed and thus differs from the perspective of an infinite energy state defines the nature of the existence consciousness takes on as a result of this process.

When consciousness experiences an extremely undesirable existence, it chooses to allow the infinite energy to flow purely once again, a process which results in death, but consciousness can also choose to focus in a way that allows the energy to flow to an infinite degree by thinking purely good feeling thoughts as well, an act that produces the same result.

Bad feeling thoughts are a reduction in the energy flowing through you while good feeling thoughts are an increase in this energy. Bad feeling thoughts contain more contrast while good feeling thoughts contain less contrast. The more your thoughts are like that of pure infinite energy, a pure golden light throughout, the more you are allowing the energy to flow, while the more contrast your thoughts contain, the less you are allowing the energy to flow and thus life is the result of a constant flux in your energy allowance that leads you to desirable and undesirable experiences depending on the direction you are heading on this infinite energy scale.