Everything's An Effect

Every thought and experience you ever have is the effect of a cause. Therefore, every thought you think is the effect of a like-natured thought that was previously considered. In this way, you can always easily identify why a certain thought is crossing your mind, since that thought could only be considered by your first considering a like-natured thought. Ergo, the more alike in nature do your thoughts become to the thoughts you wish to think, the more alike will be the effect they create to your desires. In other words, the more alike do your thoughts become to your desires in the present, the more alike will they be to them in the future.

This effect frequently results in your thinking nearly identical thoughts repeatedly. This is of particular consequence when your vibration stagnates, because the repetition of the same thought indicates a stable energy value. Thus, your thoughts are constantly repeating, but they are either slightly increasing or decreasing in desirability according to the rising and falling of your personal energy value. Therefore, the more desirable are the thoughts you are able to think now, the more desirable will be the future thoughts that will be repeated.

For this reason, only thoughts that you want to think should ever be considered, because you will undoubtedly have to think every thought you consider again in the future in the form of a like-natured thought. Being that your future will be the summation of the thoughts you will think, the more desirable are you able to make your thoughts now, the more desirable will be the future reality that is experienced in return.