Vibrational Displacement

As you give your attention to a thought, vibrations that match the frequency of the thought displace the vibrations that previously presided within your mind since the vibrations produced by the thought are of differing frequencies and cannot coexist together simultaneously in the same space, in this instance, in your mind.

The same principle applies to unwanted vibrations such as illnesses too, for as you give your attention to something other than an illness, vibrations matching the frequency of the new thought being given your attention are thereby produced within your mind and if they differ in frequency from that of the illness in question, as those produced by good feeling desirable thoughts do, they will thus displace the vibrations of the illness and result in the generation of a matching manifestation, such as a healthy body.

This effect occurs on both large and small scales too. For instance, entire civilizations displace that which came before them with each thought individuals within the civilization thinks that differs in frequency from that which came before.