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Levels Of Feelings

There are multiple levels of feelings that all play a role in defining your point of attraction. These various levels differ in their importance in the process of defining the type of experiences you attract into your life though. By better understanding these various levels of feelings, you can obtain more control over the type of life experiences you attract.

The very first level of feelings is the level of instincts. Instincts often come in the form of a slight awareness of vibrations, but this awareness is generally considered to be perceived subconsciously. Therefore, instinctual awareness is one of the weakest forms feelings come in and it is also one of the most difficult levels of feelings to utilize, because the sensing of vibrations at this level requires an innate sensitivity to vibration and a unique ability to translate these minute vibrations into actionable thought.

Thoughts make up the next level of feelings. While thoughts are not commonly considered to be feelings, they truly do fall into this category due to their vibrational nature. Just like any other level of feelings, thoughts are made of energy vibrating at various frequencies. Thoughts are generally derived from the vibrational content of a person's experiences. Therefore, the thoughts of most people are generally vibrationally similar to the vibrational frequency of their surroundings, but you can nonetheless deliberately direct your thoughts towards desirable subjects to improve your point of attraction.

The vibrations of thoughts are generally found within your brain, but these vibrations can easily spread throughout your entire body. Thus, as you have a thought, the vibrational frequency of the thought affects the way you feel and it generates corresponding emotions.

Emotions make up the next level of feelings. Emotions are a more significant form of vibrations within the body and they play a greater role in defining your point of attraction. Emotions are generally derived from the main subject you are focusing upon. As you give your attention to a subject, you sense it instinctually and then you have thoughts about it. As you go from sensing it instinctually, the vibrational frequency of your focus then becomes powerful enough to generate thoughts. As you give your attention to the subject instinctually and then think about the subject, these vibrations then become more apparent in your personal vibrational frequency and they ultimately become emotions that slowly transform into physical feelings.

Physical feelings make up the next level of feelings. Physical feelings are an even more apparent form of feelings that essentially constitute the way you feel throughout your entire body. The way you feel throughout your entire body, such as in your arms, legs, etc., is created by your focus. As you give your attention to a subject instinctually, you generate thoughts and emotions consisting of energy vibrating at specific frequencies that is capable of permeating your entire body. As these vibrations spread throughout your entire body, the way you feel throughout your entire body is defined.

The last level of feelings is the level of permeation. When the vibrational frequencies sensed instinctually become thoughts as well as emotions and then become physical feelings, the dominant vibrational frequency being focused upon eventually permeates the entire body. The dominant vibrational frequency that permeates your entire body is your most powerful point of attraction and this frequency ultimately defines the type of experiences you attract into your life.