Mass Hysteria And Pandemics

Pandemics are essentially the result of mass hysteria. In the beginning, one person develops a negative pattern of thought, and this negativity results in the development of physical symptoms as the vibrations of their negativity become established enough to generate such symptoms.

This widespread presence of negative vibrations in the first person then becomes apparent enough to literally jump from the negative person to another individual who gives their attention to the first, because as they give their attention to the negative person, they begin to vibrate in harmony with their personal vibrational frequency, a vibrational frequency vastly consisting of lower and slower negative vibrations.

These negative vibrations then continue to become more apparent in the second person as they ultimately result in the formation of an illness that is identical to the illness generated within the first. This process then continues on to affect one person after the next thereby causing the formation of a pandemic, widespread negative vibrations. This same process is the cause of mass hysteria as well. Mass hysteria and pandemics in this context are essentially identical.

To combat both of these issues, simply keep your focus on the best feeling positive vibrations you can find, and these positive vibrations will then resonate throughout your body. As a result of this process, the positive vibrations within you will then become powerful enough to jump to other people, and they too will benefit from them.