Your Future Self

You are constantly witnessing your future self in that the thoughts and emotions being presently experienced are defining the nature of your future self. This indicates that your future self will experience the same thoughts and emotions as those being chosen in the present since such thoughts and emotions will ultimately become your average thoughts and emotions. Therefore, you always know exactly how your future self will think and act since the way in which you are presently thinking and acting will ultimately define the way in which you will think and act in the future.

Being that everything in existence is energy perceived in the form of emotions, your very essence becomes that of an emotional state. Thus, who you are as a person is actually a specific emotion, as is indicated by the emotion you are presently experiencing. In this way, you are defining who you are with your every thought, and as the emotions being produced by your thoughts improve, who you are as a person is also thereby improved.

For this reason, your emotional state becomes all important since you are always attracting that which is alike in nature to yourself. Ergo, you are always attracting that which is alike in nature to your present emotional state. In other words, you are always attracting additional thoughts and experiences that will produce the same emotional state within you as that which is presently being experienced.

By finding thoughts that produce the most desirable emotions possible, and by thinking such thoughts as often as possible, you will thereby create the most desirable experiences possible since all that you ever experience is an emotion. Therefore, as you choose a thought now, you are defining who you are in the present since you are the emotion that thought produces and you are also defining who you will be in the future since your future emotions will be of a nature like those which are presently being experienced.