Be The Change

The world around you matches your unique degree of positivity which defines your energy value. Therefore, the world around you produces the same emotional states within you as those produced by your average thoughts. Thus, the higher is your energy value, the more desirable do the emotions produced by the world around you become. In other words, you are navigating a one-dimensional energy-based universe that is perceived in the form of emotions. As the emotions produced by your thoughts become of a certain nature, you are entering into an area of spacetime that better matches the nature of such emotions since that area of spacetime matches the energy value of those thoughts. Ergo, the area of spacetime into which you are moving will produce the same emotions within you as the emotions that are being produced by your present thoughts.

In this way, your emotions become both an indication of where you are and where you are going, along with where you have been. The past has now become the present in that your present emotions were led to by the thinking of thoughts that produced infinitely like-natured emotions in the past. The present is now leading you into the future in that the future you will soon witness will produce an infinitely like-natured emotion to that which is being experienced in the present. As a result, you are changing the world around you with your every thought in that the world around you is becoming of a greater likeness to your present thought.

Furthermore, the fact that the world around you is perceived as an emotion indicates that the world around you is equivalent to the emotion you are presently experiencing in that your present emotion equals your perception of the physical world that exists around you. Thus, as your emotion changes in the present, so changes your location within physical spacetime. Additionally, since the world around you is an emotion, and your present emotional state equals the state of your current physical reality, the world around you is thus becoming of a greater likeness to your ever-changing emotional state. Therefore, as you attempt to match a particular emotional state, the world around you will become of an increasingly like nature to that emotional state by producing an emotion that is of a greater likeness to it. As a result, the more extensively do you experience a particular emotional state, the greater is the degree to which the world around you will produce that emotional state within you.

This effect is due to the fact that every emotional state is surrounded by infinitely like-natured emotional states. In order for your emotional state to change once you have achieved a particular emotional state, you must first pass through infinitely like-natured emotional states to reach the new one. Thus, the most probable emotional states from any given perspective are always of an infinitely like nature to the emotional state you are presently experiencing. As you attempt to match any particular emotional state, you will ultimately move into an area of spacetime that is completely surrounded by emotions like that particular emotional state once it is achieved and you will thus experience a variety of infinitely like-natured emotions once that state has actually been attained.