Creating Moments

It can be quite daunting to attempt to create a particular experience, or even your entire life, but it can be quite easy to create only a single moment. Thus, in every moment of every day you can attempt to create the immediate future so that all such moments will add up to a complete life experience of a desirability that is equal to the average desirability of all such moments.

The desirability of any single moment is always determined by the desirability of the emotional state that is maintained in that moment. Therefore, to create the most desirable moment possible, all that one must do is find a thought that produces the most desirable emotional state possible. The more desirable is the emotional state being produced in any given moment, the more desirable is the life experience then being had, and the more desirable are all of the emotions you experience throughout your lifetime, the more desirable does your life as a whole become.

You can start creating the best life possible right now just by finding a thought that produces a desirable emotional state within you. From that perspective, you can then attempt to find a thought that produces an even more desirable emotional state within you to improve your life even further.

Rather than attempting to create a prolonged experiencing of this emotion though, you can in the next moment simply choose another thought that also produces a desirable emotion within you. The final result of such choices will be a life experience that summates to one that is filled with positive emotions. The more desirable are all of the emotions to which you gain access through this process, the more desirable will your life experience become on the whole too.