Creating Emotions

When most people first learn of the law of attraction, they immediately jump to the conclusion that what they are creating with their thoughts is their physical reality. Therefore, most people believe that what they are creating as their thoughts are deliberately chosen are specific experiences involving their desires. While this is true to a certain extent, it does not account for the results that are seen when one attempts to deliberately create their life.

When one attempts to deliberately create their life through the careful selection of their thoughts, what is really being created is an emotional state. This emotional state then leads to the encountering of specific experiences that produce a nearly identical emotional state in the experiencing of them. Thus, while you may be thinking happily about a specific topic, it does not necessarily mean that you will attract experiences involving that topic into your life, but you will certainly attract experiences that produce the same emotional state within you.

There is a tremendous amount of power made available to those who understand this information to be true, because rather than attempting to manifest a specific subject, you can now simply manifest an emotional state instead. In other words, you can now choose the emotional state you personally deem to be the most desirable of all the emotional states of which you are aware and you can attempt to experience that emotional state more frequently. The sole purpose of doing so would be to experience that emotional state more often rather than to deliberately create a specific type of experience. In this way, you can avoid the negativity that is often associated with the creation process due to the absence of your desire since you can instantly experience the manifestation of your desire just by thinking thoughts that produce the desired emotional state within you. This process ultimately leads to the creation of a more desirable life experience on average since it allows for you to experience a more desirable emotional state on average.

To immediately get started with this process, just choose the specific emotional state you want to experience more often and attempt to only think in a way which produces that emotional state within you. The more extensively is such an emotional state experienced, the more extensively will your desire be manifesting in your life. This process also gives rise to a new form of exploring the world around you in that rather than seeking out topics to give your attention, you can now seek out emotional states instead. There are infinitely higher frequency emotional states of which you have yet to become aware, and by attempting to explore these higher realms of emotions, you will certainly be able to create considerably more desirable life experiences for yourself in the long run.