No Exceptions

Every thought that is considered represents your exposure to a vibration of a nature matching the nature of the chosen thought. In your exposure to every vibration, your personal vibration becomes more alike in nature to the vibration to which you are being exposed. Ergo, with your every thought, you are becoming more alike in nature to the thought being considered. For this reason, as you attempt to manifest a specific desire, you must make every one of your thoughts match it in order to do so, because in your exposure to any thoughts that differ in nature to any degree from the nature of that which is desired, your vibration is unavoidably altered to better match the nature of the other thoughts you happen to choose.

Therefore, there are no exceptions when manifesting. If you were to ever give your attention to any thoughts that differ in nature from your desire, you will inevitably create a reality that differs from your desire to the same degree. Thus, the more thoughts you think that match your desire, the better your life will become.

It is quite common for people to develop the belief that their thoughts are not exceedingly powerful and thus many people live their lives under the assumption that they can give their attention to anything they please without significantly altering the manner in which their life experiences unfold. Even so, this is simply not true since every thought you think affects your personal vibration which in turn defines the nature of your life experience.

For this reason, every thought you think affects the manner in which your desires manifest. Thus, the more purely do all of your thoughts reflect that which is truly desired in life, the more purely will your life experiences reflect that which is desired. Due to the tremendous amount of influence every one of your thoughts has upon your personal vibration, it thus becomes necessary for you to make all of your thoughts perfectly match your desires in order for them to manifest.

Only thoughts of your desires presently being a reality for you will create a reality in which your desires have manifested and any thoughts that differ at all from such a reality will invariably create a reality of an entirely different nature. Therefore, if you are intent upon creating a particular state of reality for yourself, you must be vigilant in your efforts to remain focused upon the thoughts you would be thinking were your desires to actually become a reality for you, and the more successful are your efforts in this matter, the more extensively will your desires manifest in your life.