Right Now

Every thought consists of a specific vibration and every vibration is of a specific energy value. Thus, every thought is of a specific energy value and every thought creates a reality of an energy value that matches its own. Therefore, every thought makes your reality more alike in nature to its own.

To take advantage of this phenomenon, you must think thoughts that match the desired state of reality. The only thought that matches such a state is the thought of your desire being a reality at present. For this reason, while you can think a multitude of thoughts about that which is desired to create your reality, only thoughts of your desire being a reality right now will create a reality that perfectly matches your desire.

Such thoughts also produce the most desirable emotional states within you as well. In the thinking of a thought about your desire being a reality at present, you thereby produce a more desirable emotional state within you than any other thought about your desire is capable of producing due to this thought being the most desirable thought about your desire of which you are aware. Since your thoughts produce a reality that is of a nature matching their own, such thoughts thus produce the most desirable state of reality relative to any other thought of your desire that is ever considered.

While these thoughts create a reality in which your desire is presently manifesting, the vibrations of all your thoughts naturally average together thereby creating a reality that is of a desirability matching the average desirability of your thoughts. Therefore, the more frequently are such thoughts considered, the more extensively will the average nature of your thoughts match the desire being manifested and thus the more extensively will your personal vibration, and the vibration of your reality, match the desire being created.