That One Thought

There are an infinite number of thoughts you can choose from to create your life. Such a tremendous selection of options might occasionally make it seem to be quite difficult to select the right thoughts to think. Even so, there is one thought in particular that will produce the most desirable outcome in your life experience. This thought is singular in nature in that it clearly stands out from the rest of the thoughts you think. This thought is made rather obvious though by the degree of happiness it produces within you as you think it.

Even so, this thought might be somewhat difficult to identify due to its being shrouded in a haze of negativity that may have developed within your mind for a variety of reasons. For instance, you may have come to the conclusion that this one thought is unreasonable. You may believe this one thought is unrealistic. You might even believe this one thought is downright impossible. For this reason, you may have some difficulty trying to identify this one thought, because you might have not considered it for a very long time due to your having given up on it at some point in the past.

On the other hand, for some people this one thought might actually be incredibly obvious to them as soon as they start asking themselves a few very basic questions. For instance, which one of your thoughts make you absolutely want to scream for joy whenever you think of it as being a reality for you right now? Which thought makes you happier than any other thought you have ever considered? Which of your thoughts would you label as being the best thought you have ever considered in your entire lifetime? This is the one thought you should think as often as you possibly can, because this one thought in particular makes you happier than any other thought.

While you might believe that just thinking this thought could never produce an effect on its own, you would nonetheless be mistaken. In the moment you start to think this one thought, you will immediately begin to experience a more desirable life experience as a result of doing so. Since this one thought makes you happier than any other thought you think, it thus improves your vibration more than any other thought you have ever considered. Therefore, the more frequently do you think this thought, the happier will you become and the more desirable will be all of the life experiences you will encounter in the future. Even more importantly though, the more frequently is this thought considered, the more alike in nature will your reality become to this thought's vibrational essence. In other words, the more extensively is this thought considered, the more pronounced will the emotional state it produces within you become in your everyday life experiences.