Point Of Attraction

The nature of your point of attraction is inherent within your thoughts, feelings, and the state of the world around you. This is true, because you always attract more of that which is given your attention and whatever happens to already be present within your current reality is quite likely to receive the majority of your attention. Therefore, you are presently attracting more of that which already exists at an astonishing rate since every point of focus within your present reality that is given your attention will most likely be in your future reality due to your attention to it.

This phenomenon clearly demonstrates why your reality maintains such a steady tendency to remain the same rather than be rapidly changed at will to fulfill your every whim. Since the nature of your present reality is your current point of attraction, you can thus expect your future thoughts, feelings, and experiences to match the thoughts, feelings, and experiences you are presently encountering in the reality that has already manifested. Furthermore, you may use this phenomenon to better create your life, because you can now understand that you are always creating more of the same whenever you are not deliberately creating that which you want to see in your future.

Thus, the greater do your thoughts and feelings differ in nature from the present experiences you are encountering within your current reality, the greater will be the changes effected upon your future. For instance, the greater is the difference between the nature of the thoughts you choose to think versus the thoughts you think as your present reality is given your attention, the greater will be the changes effected within the future reality being created. Additionally, the greater is the difference in the emotional response that is produced by a thought compared to the emotional response that is produced as your present reality is given your attention, the greater will be the change effected by the thinking of that particular thought. The cause of these changes is the natural repetition of thoughts and emotions that occurs through time. As the nature of your thoughts and emotions become drastically altered in the present, so too will the future thoughts and emotions you will experience be likewise altered to the same degree.