Perfectly Healthy

The vast majority of illnesses are minor disruptions in a person's vibrational signature. Such disruptions manifest themselves in the form of unwanted negative thoughts. Therefore, the more extensive is the degree of negativity experienced by a person, as is made known by the degree to which the negativity is apparent in their lives, the more significant is the illness being experienced. Vibrationally, an illness is thus the presence of a vibration that does not match wellness, and the more pronounced does such a vibration become, the more pronounced does its physical manifestation in the form of an illness become.

Ergo, in order to be perfectly healthy, all that one must do is inject vibrations that are harmonized with wellness so that such vibrations of illness become displaced and wellness may then manifest itself within the body more extensively. Such a process is easily completed by simply stating to yourself that you are perfectly healthy. While this simple statement will likely improve your health immediately in the utterance of it, a statement alone will nonetheless not do the trick since the ultimate goal is to transform the nature of your personal vibration. Thus, in order to experience wellness, you must actually experience positive emotion since positive emotion is the physical manifestation of wellness. Therefore, every time you experience positive emotion, you are actually experiencing wellness within your body, and the stronger is the positive emotion, the greater is the degree of wellness being experienced.

To maximize the benefits of stating to yourself that you are indeed perfectly healthy, you must also support this statement with the same degree of positive emotion you would be experiencing were such a statement indeed true. Therefore, as you make the statement, "I am perfectly healthy," you must do so while also attempting to experience the same degree of positive emotion you would be experiencing were you presently experiencing the sensation of perfect health. The more frequently do you engage in this process, and the greater are the lengths of time for which you are able to remain focused upon the positive sensation of perfect health that is generated by this process, the more extensively will a perfect state of health be experienced.