Just Happiness

One of the most intimidating obstacles you will likely come across when attempting to manifest your grandest of desires is the question of whether or not your dream is even possible. Many dreams are frequently written off as impossible and the pursuer of such dreams thus never even gets a chance to see whether or not their dreams are indeed possible since they stop pursuing them. The idea that a dream is impossible is really only fallacious logic though since it is based on a false idea of how the Universe works.

Due to everything being made from energy that is perceived in the form of emotions, all that you ever perceive in life are various states of happiness. Thus, the experience of fulfilling your dream would really only be the experiencing of a specific state of happiness.

Therefore, as you choose any particular point of focus, all that you are really doing is choosing a specific state of happiness, and the more desirable is the chosen point of focus, the more desirable is the state of happiness being experienced. Furthermore, the more alike in nature is the chosen state of happiness to the desired one, the closer within spacetime you are becoming to your desire's fulfillment since the fulfillment of your desire is equal to the state of happiness that corresponds with it. In this way, any desire may easily be fulfilled since all that you must do in order to fulfill a desire is attain the unique state of happiness that matches its fulfillment.

In other words, to say that a dream is impossible is to say that you cannot be as happy as you would be were the dream to be fulfilled. This is actually a technical impossibility, because you experience such a state of happiness in your every thought of your desire's fulfillment. Ergo, your dream is already being fulfilled with your every thought of its fulfillment and all that you must do to fulfill the dream more extensively is think additional thoughts that produce the same degree of happiness you would be experiencing were your dream to become fulfilled. The more extensively is such a state of happiness experienced, the more extensively is your dream coming to fruition.