Emotional Journey

All that happens in your life is a physical representation of the various transitions that take place within your emotional state. Ergo, every state of reality is equal to an emotional state, and the more desirable is your emotional state, the more desirable is the corresponding physical reality that is manifesting alongside it. This principle is of particular importance in terms of defining when and how your desires manifest since your desires may only manifest in a form that is of a like nature to the emotional state that is experienced in the manifesting of it. In other words, the desirability of the manner in which a desire manifests is always equal to the desirability of the emotional state that is experienced in the manifesting of it.

This phenomenon gives rise to the multitude of ways in which a desire may manifest since there are many ways in which your emotional state may evolve to ultimately match the emotional state of your desire's manifestation. Thus, every possible set of changes that could occur as your emotional state transforms from its present state to the state it would match were your desires to manifest equals a potential state of reality. Therefore, the more desirable are the various emotional states that are experienced as you move towards the manifestation of your desires, the more desirable will be the set of circumstances that leads to their ultimate manifestation. In this way, the state of reality may be treated as an emotional reality in that the state of your present physical reality may always be easily determined since it is of an equal desirability to the present emotional state you are maintaining.

Furthermore, the journey truly does become the destination in this sense since the destination at which you are arriving in any given moment is always equal in nature to the journey you took to get there. For instance, the emotional state you are presently experiencing was led to by the experiencing of a multitude of infinitely like-natured emotional states in the past. Ergo, the emotional state you choose to experience in the present will be the emotional state you will experience in the future. Therefore, the more desirable is the emotional state you attain now as you think about your desires, the more desirable will be the future emotional state that will be maintained once your desires finally manifest.